Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Super Heroes: Avenger Series: The Incredible, Edible (?) Hulk

My plan was to do an Iron Man post for today and life got in the way. I really wanted to put some thought and creativity in it... So, I decided to go with the Hulk. Which version? Does he "Hulk out?" The 90's version where he is always the Hulk.

The Hulk: aka: Hulk

I would make him a Green Skin Abraxen and of course focus on strength and constitution as his primary attributes. Done with all that mess...

Then comes the hard part (actually, really easy). He would be a Barbarian with two archtypes, Invulnerable Rager and Wild Rager, one which adds damage reduction and the other which can make you go into rage at random. It just seems appropriate. Focus on hand to hand combat using the Superior Unarmed Combat feat and the Unarmored Combatant feats to make him not wear armor and help with AC and the assist with damage done.

Rage powers: I would focus yet again on unarmed combat and the Brawler powers, maybe the Ground Breaker and it's improved version. The Hurler powers also seem appropriate as well as anything that helps with any type of damage reduction. We want this guy to take a beating and walk away laughing. There is one that helps and gives you fast healing after you use Renewed Vigor, which allows you to heal some damage after a rage.

But, as this is, he needs no equipment and actually, this seems to be almost it. Fairly simple.

There is also of course the Alchemist version of him, which we may explore a different day.

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