Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mysterious Enemies #6-15

At the moment, they were standing across the street, smoking and gambling with dice to look nondescript, but they were really glancing with hawk eyes at the structure across from them. There was a miniature shanty town surrounding the place, cardboard and particle board shacks taped and nailed together and leaned up against the building and covered in sheets of tin to keep out the rain.

There were bums dwelling in these shanties around the building, begging for coin or liquor, but also cooking small animals over fires, and also shitting and pissing anywhere they felt. The area around the building was clean and modern, most of its citizens well to do, but this shanty town had been here for some time, a festering sore in an otherwise nice area of town.

"We're sure they're gone?" asked the youngest of the group.

The leader nodded, "Our information, collected by our brethren, says they've gone south with the master of this city. In a zeppelin no less. If they had returned, we'd know about it. For your weakness of courage, you get to strike the first blow."

The youngest of the group blanched.

"Aim for the door, next to that cluster of homeless. Our intelligence says this place is armored and resistant to burning. The door is far more destructible than the walls, and six burning hobos with spread chaos and fire most effectively. Do it."

Another of the group produced a huge revolver like weapon with eight chambers clustered around a center barrel. The youngest of the group hefted it for a moment, then kneeled down on the street and took aim. He pulled the trigger and there was a whooshing sound and a metallic clink as a projectile far bigger, and slower, than a bullet popped out of the weapon's barrel and arced over the street.

It hit the door directly and the world around the building suddenly became a tornado of fire and noise. The door buckled and blasted inwards, and the fire swirled around the outside of the building, lighting half a dozen homeless afire. They began screaming and running around, igniting their shanty town, which was far more flammable than the structure they had built it around.

"Now what?" asked the youngest one.

"Now we wait and watch and leave. We weren't hired to murder anyone, only to destroy this place and torment the owners."

The crew returned to their dicing and calmly watched the structure begin to burn.

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