Friday, February 25, 2011

A Different Saddle Altogether

Do you remember my post with my grand scheme to come up with a background and rules light (as much as Pathfinder can be, at least) campaign with a bunch of new players with little or no experience with DnD? That idea has changed a bit. I am thinking about doing a group of the guys and their lady friends basically. Me, Jeremy, Eric, and Fred, and our significant others. The reason I decided to throw most of the experienced crew in is because I think we need a break and some variety.

I love Hekinoe. It is my other home and I adore what I have created. However, it is tiring. It is exhausting in fact. I have done so much work on it, and it does take quite a bit a work to maintain it. Sometimes, I want to try something different. Plus, I think the guys having a bit more experience with Pathfinder and playing some different classes might be good for them. Eric and Jeremy have been playing the same characters for probably close to, or more than, two years now. A chance to change it up might be good for them.

It might also be nice for me to GM in a world where I don't have to worry too much about the consequences of them not caring about details and just murdering everything that moves. That is kind of their MO, and it makes setting up scenarios in Hekinoe somewhat difficult to do. They ignore important details a lot, and also kill people in droves for no reason a lot of the time, and that can be hard for me to deal with from a narrative standpoint. I wouldn't really have to worry about that in this other campaign. I could just make my NPC a homocidal maniac that goes around murdering and lighting fires and let them deal with the consequences of his actions.

...Actually, that might be fun... Hehe.

Now, I'm not planning to game in this world exclusively or something like that. My plan is to play some Hekinoe scenarios, like three or four in a row, then throw one of these other scenarios in. Just to spice things up. You know? Then we hop back in to Hekinoe refreshed and kind of missing it. I figure it'll help alleviate my gamer ADHD and give us all a break.

It would be the barest bones of a campaign world. No real background to speak of. No long winded emails describing the ancient empires or long wars or anything like that. No crazy rules or technology. Just the core races and classes and anything else the players wanted to throw in, they would decide on that.

Anyway, I sort of went full speed ahead on this idea and started work on the first scenario of this campaign. It is pretty straight forward and very high fantasy. There are goblins, they are evil and harassing a town, someone needs to defeat them for money, obviously the guards and mercenaries already there cannot, only adventurers can. It took me about eight hours to get it almost finished, then my Word file went wonky and I lost 3/4 of my work and had to redo everything I'd just written. Fun times.

I figure we'll play the first Hekinoe scenario (I know technically we have already, but I am writing this post before we do, whoa! Paradox!) and see what kind of stuff we can come up with for quests in it. If I need some time to create a backlog of scenarios for Hekinoe, I can pop this goblin scenario out to give some of the group, and myself, their DnD fix.

I dunno, we'll see how it goes. Perhaps once we get into the first Hekinoe scenario, I'll be all bat shit crazy obsessed and this idea will drop to the wayside. We'll see.

Edit After The Fact: Yeah, I'm bat shit crazy about Hekinoe. It is pretty great. Nonetheless, I've got two scenarios of this other thing prepped and ready to go.

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