Monday, February 7, 2011

The Metal 101

My campaign has a few weird goofy metals in it that serve different purposes. I figured I should collect them all in one place so that I can eliminate some possible confusion regarding what they are and what they do.

This rusty red ore was originally going to be a lot more important to The Known World, but over time it became something else. Anyway, it is a rust red and typically pitted looking ore found primarily in Kusseth. It has no redeeming qualities as a metal, it basically amounts to red lead. It is soft and does not conduct electricity. It is shit. However, it can absorb sorcerous energy over time. The mechanics of how it does this seem to be random and are not really based on any concrete rules, it either works or it doesn't and is completely unrelated to the amount of sorcerous energy and the size of the ore. It is widely believed that beltanizine (first discovered in the depths of Beltan) is the last fused bits and pieces of Kaleshmar.

This is literally black stone. Not glassy black stone that looks like obsidian. It is black stone found deep beneath The Fell Peaks. The Fremwightan have discovered huge fortresses composed of it in the depths of The Fell Peaks, they believe that it was a building material of the ancient and extinct Glenwighta Empire. These fortresses, though they are old, are not as old as the most ancient ruins of the Glenwighta and the Fremwightan believe that these stone fortresses were only built after the Fell Humans began their war of subjugation. Any abilities it has are unknown at this time, but Xein and Kethranmeer did have some success penetrating the shield on the sorcerers in the final scenario of the Rebellion Arc with weapons made of blackstone.

Elduman Bone Material
Elduman bone material is a living crystalline stub stance that gives life and motion and intellect to the Elduman race. The nervous and musculoskeletal systems of pure Eldumans, are completely composed of this substance. Essentially, the only non-living crystal substance in their bodies is their flesh. This crystal is very psionically reactive and makes the Eldumans seem hyper intelligent and perceptive at times. Attempts have been made to harvest the crystal remains of dead Eldumans and use them as psionic foci, though the absence of the Elduman intelligence does diminish the psionic capabilities of their remains, they are still psionically reactive.

Necropolis/Meroteth Stone
This is the glassy black stone that looks like obsidian that Meroteth and the Necropolis are made of, along with some other fortresses built in The Fell Peaks. Supposedly, the stone absorbs excess sorcerous energy, though what it does with this energy is unknown. The origin of this stone is unknown as well. It should be noted that the Necropolis is all smooth stone, as if cut by humanoid hands and built by them, though there are no seams anywhere in the city to indicate that it was built block by block. However, Meroteth and the few obsidian-like fortresses of The Fell Peaks are crude things with bumpy walls and no clear planned building, they look like they were grown.

Springsteel is pretty straightforward, it looks like steel and it perhaps a little shinier. It is lighter and more flexible than normal steel. Think of it as titanium, or aircraft steel, or actual spring steel from our world.

Wolf-iron is just as straightforward as springsteel. It is tungsten. It is heavier and harder than steel. It is also dark gray in color.


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