Friday, August 6, 2010

Scratch The Surface

I've been thinking about something lately, and I have Jeremy to blame for it. Jeremy says that he always likes to read things about my campaign world on the blog here and I've been making a conscious effort to try and write more on the blog about the background of my world. I realized one thing while doing so.

My world doesn't have a past.

I have a timeline that details some major events since the fall of Kaleshmar, and there have been some neat events and major changes. But it doesn't feel like there is this rich past history to the world. There aren't any ancient empires, other than Kaleshmar, and there aren't hidden ruins dotting the countryside where ancient kings once ruled from. It just feels like the history of my world is kind of vague and minimalist. I guess it feels like there is a past there, but it is a couple of words that are written down on paper, rather than written in the world by the nature of its geography or by the minds and stories told by the peoples of the various countries in the world.

Its just that aside from the Vyanth/Sereth, the Glenwighta, and the Dwenoren, all the races and countries found in The Known World are in some way where they are because of the fall of Kaleshmar. I recall saying once that the continent that is now called The Known World, was inhabited by civilizations prior to Kaleshmar exploding, I've just never gotten around to putting evidence of these past civilizations into the game world. It might be time to do that.

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