Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Say No To Nel

Jeremy and I were talking recently about the possibility of running a Nel campaign and how it would work perfectly with GURPS because of all the tweaking you can do to create characters. GURPS is actually a pretty amazing system to use for the creation of a Nel character, even my homegrown stuff can't compare to how thoroughly and easily it would be to make any kind of Nel in GURPS. It's kind of awesome.

I've tried to run a few Nel campaigns in the past and even discussed the possibility of Eric running one. None of them have turned out particularly well, despite Eric being goofy and crazy with Ma'akillis. I recall him being a "Magick" Sidhe Blood Warrior. Blood Warriors were just about the most overpowered class I ever came up with. It was awful, but back in 2nd Edition I had no conception of what balance was or that I should perhaps try to maintain it, I just made up "cool" shit and let the chips fall where they may.

Anyway, we discussed campaigns. We also discussed how I would react to people incorrectly playing Nel. There would be a lot of "You're doing it wrong!" and me throwing something. We agreed that I am probably way too invested in The Nel to ever let anyone play one and that my brain was a far better place for them than on someone's character sheet. Bummer, but it would take a very specific group to do "justice" to what I envision the Nel to be.

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