Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Need An Adult

Given what is going on lately, there are two things I'm going to be posting about a lot at the moment. They are Pathfinder and Shawn's campaign. I'll say again that I'm really excited about Shawn's campaign and playing DnD. It will be nice to roll some dice and not be in charge of what the results mean. I've spoken of that before though, so there's no need to go ever it again. At some point I want to get a feel for my bard's background. If I'm going to have a bonus stemming from his background, I feel I should at the very least come up with something of one for him. I'm thinking that he was an eladrin orphan raised by a traveling circus. No eladrin, but he was handed over to the family of elf acrobats and knife throwers. He was found to be lacking in the talents of swinging from the trapeze and throwing blades, but he had a good voice and could handle a crowd fairly well, so he became an announcer and singer during half-time acts or whatever. Anyway, as a young eladrin he was found by other eladrin that had come to the circus and they spurred his interest in his people and the Feywild. So he has left the confines of the tents to venture out into the world to learn of his people and their god Corellon. Maybe is Shawn decides that his circus family got murdered he can take some multi-class feats for avenger and be all moody and goth. Heh.

Pathfinder has a hold on me something fierce. I don't know if its that we haven't done anything with GURPS or that Pathfinder is familiar enough to be comforting, but I'm all fixated on it. I have no idea which side of the fence I'm going to come down on when we get to the point where I need to make an argument for one system or the other as the vehicle for my next campaign. I guess I like both systems almost equally. I like GURPS for its complexity that allows one to do so much with it and I like Pathfinder because it takes everything I loved about 3.5 Edition and makes it better. Maybe I'll write out another pro/con list. I did that when I was thinking about gaming again. I have this large Excel spreadsheet that compares d20 Modern/Past to 4th Edition, 3.5 Edition, and GURPS. Or maybe there was nothing about GURPS in there. I'd have to look at it.

(Several hours of work-related interlude.)

I tried a pro and con list and it is annoying. There's nothing in Pathfinder that I can't simply fix with a house rule and there is nothing I can complain about with GURPS. The fixes I need to make, I have. The things I can complain about are: players might find it daunting to pick through the GURPS advantages and might not be able to do exactly what they want when I slap down a lower points level for them to build characters with.

Fuck. I don't know what I want to do now. GURPS appeals to my brain, but Pathfinder appeals to my heart. Fuck it, my vote comes down on Pathfinder/3.5 Edition DnD.

So glad I spent all that time compiling that GURPS advantage/table wiki thing with ZuluPad. I kid, that was actually kind of fun to do, and now I can do it with Pathfinder! Feats and traits, here I come!

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