Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Collected Stuff

Ok, so here are the audio files:

I have to warn you, they're pretty bad and pretty rough and the first two and a half hours amount to pretty much nothing. Heh. If I had been thinking of it, I would have collected all the Lost commentary into its own audio file.

Second point, I converted all of the characters of The Robust Five (More Or Less) into GURPS format, except Hector. They're all at 275 points (which is the points level of extremely competent adventurers) and about as good as I could manage converting them from their character classes in 4th Edition DnD. Gideon has no spells because there isn't a chaos random magic thing I could find. I suppose some fire spells and necromancy spells would be fine, but I'd like Jeff to make those decisions rather than me. I picked some spells for Derf because he can already ignite his sword, sheathe it in frost, and electrify it, so I figured those were safe choices. He can also shoot lightning and remove the life sustaining elements of oxygen from air, and I felt that was sufficiently deadly and terror inspiring to fit with Derf's nature. Xein probably needs some more skills too, but this is just a rough creation.

Here is the Excel sheet for them: http://www.mediafire.com/?z2wzfri4km2

There are some other characters in there (Volung's firstborn son, Walthuler, and Savage Doc Managan) but they're mostly irrelevant and pretty outdated from what those characters would be in modern times.

Still working on the campaign book.


  1. I cannot download the Excel File!

  2. Now the link is broken...

  3. The link seems to work for me, I sent the file to you in an email just to be on the safe side. If anyone else is having problems, let me know.