Monday, February 8, 2010

The Forgettening

I left something out the other day when I was talking about campaigns that were and whatnot. Its just a little thing, and I never really got too far on it, but I thought it was kind of goofily neat.

It was during that time that I was first really getting into Led Zeppelin, this was probably around the time I bought I and II and added them to my collection. There was so much...I guess you could call it mythic imagery in some of the songs that they were somewhat inspirational to me. Even when you get past the Lord of the Rings-ish songs there was some neat stuff to be found in there. To be fair though, my brain has been conditioned to "find" mythic fantasy elements in pretty much anything, whether they're there or not.

So, the gist was that I would base a campaign world on the albums of Led Zeppelin. There was going to be a city where doves were a sacred creature, based on the line about doves in Houses of the Holy, and harming them was punishable by death.

There was a race of the world called the Gentle Race, and their elders kept them chained to a vow of pacifism. This was because the elders saw all of time and space and possessed technology that could literally scorch the planet black, that was mostly based off of the first few lyrics in Kashmir.

Another tie in or whatever was that there was going to be a scenario about a city that was situated in a low valley and was perpetually in danger of flood. See where I'm going here? Well, there were bandits that wanted to raid the town, or were being employed to destroy it, something like that. They went about destroying the levees surrounding the town with explosives and the PCs would have to stop them or something while the flood was in the midst of occurring. Do I really have to say what song it is based on? No? Good.

Gallow's Pole and Immigrant Song were some other songs I had scenario ideas for. There were other little things, but nothing that was a big deal. I could just never find a clearly understood way of saying where the inspiration was coming from without being blatant about it. I could never really come up with a campaign focus story-wise either, so that was another reason it never really reared its head.

Music: MC Frontalot - I Hate Your Blog

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