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GURPS Hekinoe Racial Templates: Elduman

Alright, so this one is just another one I've previously completed. The Elduman.

Origin: Elduman originally came to The Known World due to their empire of Kaleshmar being destroyed by a sorcerous cataclysm and partially crashing into The Known World when it fell from the sky.
Favored Regions: Haven, The New Empire, The Old Empire.
Appearance: Superficially, the Elduman resemble their descendants of The New Empire and The Plains of Dust that were born from Elduman and Uncout interactions. Like their descendants, Elduman have a humanoid appearance. The most obviously different feature of the Elduman race is that their eyes appear to be uncut gemstones.
The hair on Elduman bodies is actually composed of thin crystalline fibers that appear to be pale shades of normal hair colors such as brown or blonde. This fibrous hair only grows on the face and head of Elduman. Elduman flesh also appears paler than the skin of Uncout and does not tan or burn when exposed to the sun. Aside from this oddity, the flesh of Elduman is fairly normal. It sweats and bleeds and heals. However, it feels somewhat waxy to the touch.
Racial Characteristics: The most well known trait of Elduman is their ability to wield psionic powers. This trait is possessed by some of their descendants as well. These powers are varied in nature and do not appear to be linked to sorcery in any way, despite being able to perform similar effects.
Because the eyes of the Elduman are living crystal, there is no need to keep them moist or protect them with eyelids. While Elduman do have eyelids of flesh, they do not need to blink to moisturize their eyes or protect them from grit. This endless, unblinking gaze has been described as unnerving.
While their flesh appears to be somewhat unnatural in nature, the oddest quality of the bodies of the Elduman are that this flesh is merely a thin covering. Beneath this faux-flesh is a body composed entirely of bluish crystal. This crystal flesh is somewhat flexible, though somewhat stiffer than that of flesh and blood creatures, and flesh-like and contains crystalline versions of muscles, bones, and internal organs.
In addition to their various advantages their psionics and crystalline bodies provide them, Elduman are well adapted to the hot climate of The Known World. The Old Empire is a scorching desert of gleaming sands utterly devoid of shade and Elduman bodies have adapted to survive in similar environments.

Elduman Racial Traits
0 points
Mandatory Traits
Basic Attribute Ranges At Character Creation
ST 8 - 14
DX 8 - 14
IQ 8 - 14
HT 8 - 14
Secondary Characteristics
SM +0 (5’ 6” - 6’ 6”)
Advantages [46]
Alternative Sustenance: Doesn’t Eat or Drink [10]
Crystalline Flesh: Temperature Tolerance 2 (Cold 1/Hot 1) [2]
Elduman Resilience: Damage Reduction 5 (Biokinesis, -5%; Active Defense Roll, -40%; Costs 1 FP/Use, -10%; Requires Attribute Roll: Will, -5%) [10]
Groinless: Injury Tolerance (No Groin) [2]
Immortal: Unaging [5]
Psionic: Energy Reserve 3 (Psionic) [9]
Reduced Sleep: Less Sleep 4 [8]
Disadvantages [-45]
Crystalline Flesh: Fragile (Brittle) [-15]
Shatter Prone: Vulnerability (Occasional Substance: Sonic Damage; Damage Multiplier x2) [-20]
Strange Biology: Unusual Biochemistry [-5]
Vulnerable To Gifts: Revulsion (Occasional Substance: Gifts) [-5]
Quirks [-1]
Stiff Limbs: Stiff Limbs (-1 on Climbing, Escape, and Erotic Art rolls) [-1]

Optional Traits
  • Enhanced Elduman Resilience [+2/1 DR]: The Elduman may increase their Elduman Resilience up to Damage Resistance 15 and may do so at any time.   
  • Passive Resilience [10 - 30]: Some Elduman possess a passive form of Elduman Resilience that functions at all times, this form of the resilience ability replaces the active ability and because it requires more effort and psionic energy to maintain, it is weaker. Passive Elduman Resilience is purchased as Damage Reduction 2 - 6 (Biokinesis, -5%).

Feature: Elduman are psionic creatures and my use all five types of psionics and may purchase a wide variety of advantages as psionic powers.

Feature: Elduman may not purchase sorcerous advantages or access sorcerous energy in any way.

I'm not going to bother with Elduman Descended Uncout. They would normally be next, as these are going alphabetically. Basically they're human, but they have a longer lifespan and a feature that allows them to use some forms of psionic powers. Specifically they have access to a more limited form of biokinesis than Elduman, a more limited form of esp than Elduman, as well as psychokinesis and telepathy. They can also use sorcery, making them one of two races in The Known World that can use both psionics and sorcery.

The next race is the Fallen. They're always where I typically get stuck when doing GURPS versions of Hekinoe's races. This is partly because they're somewhat difficult to craft, as they are completely immortal and that and their transformation to their spirit form is somewhat complicated to craft. We'll see how it goes.

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