Friday, February 19, 2016

GURPS Hekinoe Racial Templates: Dwenoren

Next up, we've got the Dwenoren, who have appeared on the blog here several times. So once again, we're just going to copy and past without really getting into the nitty gritty of everything. Again, please excuse any formatting or font oddities. 


Origin: The Dwenoren are native to The Known World and have existed here since before the fall of Kaleshmar.
Favored Regions: Kusseth, Volungshemle, Whurent.
Appearance: The Dwenoren are a relatively short race of humanoids, typically only reaching around five feet in height. They have pale, perpetually moist, hairless skin, no finger or toenails, and though their heads appear normal, relatively speaking, they completely lack eyes and eye sockets.
The fluid coating their skin is not sweat, it is an oil they secrete that insulates them from the cold temperatures in their lightless caves. Instead of empty eye sockets they have a bone plate above their nose that provides further protection to their brains. Their ears are large and wrinkly and are decidedly bat-like in shape. Along their jaws and chins they have thick grey spines, almost like a beard, that are a sensory organ that is able to detect minute shifts in air current and pressure.
Racial Characteristics: Dwenoren possess the ability to emit a form of ultrasonic noise that allows them to sense their environment similar to the noises emitted by bats. Their highly developed hearing and unique ear structure allow them to sense the echo of these normally imperceptible noises as they strike objects. This allows them to form a mental picture of their surroundings. Though completely blind, these noises coupled with their sensory spines allow them to navigate their surroundings.
The Dwenoren race does not have a male/female gender distinction, though they can perceive and understand the difference in other races. Most Dwenoren accept being referred to as male by other races, though they have no gender prefixes in their own tongue. Their method of reproduction is primarily unknown, but the Dwenoren are supposedly related to some manner of worm or grub.
Because of the cold temperatures found below the surface, Dwenoren are resistant to cold temperatures. This is a byproduct of the oils secreted naturally by their skin. This oil is somewhat thick and also serves to make them rather slippery, giving them an advantage when grappling with foes or attempting to escape bonds.

Dwenoren Racial Traits

25 points
Mandatory Traits
Basic Attribute Ranges At Character Creation
ST 8 - 14
DX 8 - 14
IQ 8 - 14
HT 9 - 15
Secondary Characteristics
SM +0 (4’ 6” - 5’)
Advantages [75]
Echolocation [51]: Scanning Sense (Sonar; Extended Arc: 240, +75%; Targeting, +20%; Increased Range: 2x, +10%) [41], Ultrasonic Speech [10]
Excellent Hearing [2]: Acute Senses (Hearing) 1 [2], Ultrahearing [0]
Eyeless [5]: Injury Tolerance (No Eyes) [5]
Groinless [2]: Injury Tolerance (No Groin) [2]
Sensory Spines [12]: Vibration Sense (Universal +50%; Limited Effect: Front 120 Degree Arc, -30%) [12]
Skin Oils [3]: Slippery 1 [2], Temperature Tolerance 1 (Cold) [1]
Disadvantages [-50]
Eyeless [-50]: Blindness [-50]

Optional Traits
Enhanced Echolocation [+2]: Some Dwenoren possess a greater ability to emit and receive the frequencies of their race’s echolocation. These Dwenoren replace the Increased Range: 2x, +10% enhancement of their Scanning Sense (Sonar) advantage with Increased Range: 5x, +20%.

Feature: Dwenoren may purchase Acute Senses for their Scanning Sense (Sonar) and Vibration Sense advantages.

Alright, so that's the Dwenoren. Weee.

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