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GURPS Hekinoe Races: Elduman

Next up in our list of races are the Elduman. The totally innocuous and benign not overlords of The Known World.

Let's start with the easy stuff, their crystalline flesh and faux-skin. The crystalline flesh is flesh-like, and though it is not truly any tougher than muscle and bone, it is somewhat more resilient to heat temperatures. This gives them Temperature Tolerance 2 (Cold 1/Hot 1). Unfortunately, despite its flexibility and living nature, the crystalline flesh and bone of Elduman is brittle and prone to shattering like normal crystal. This gives the Elduman Fragile (Brittle) and means their limbs just break off and the Elduman shatter if they fail HT checks at negative hit points.

The Elduman crystalline flesh is psionically active, and one of their most well know uses of this ability is to dump psionic energy into their flesh to bind it more tightly together, hardening it and making the Elduman resistant to incoming blows. This looks like Damage Reduction 5 (Biokinesis, -5%; Active Defense Roll, -40%; Costs 1 FP/Use, -10%; Requires Attribute Roll: Will, -5%). So this means that as long as an Elduman is aware of an attack, he can try to activate his Elduman Resilience before it hits. This is kind of a clunky ability, as he needs to make a DX/2 + 3 roll (Biokinesis Talent applies here) to activate it quickly enough, then he needs to make a Will check (Biokinesis Talent applies here too) to actually marshal his psionic power and bind the molecules of his crystalline flesh together. The optional Elduman traits will offer a passive form of Elduman Resilience that keeps the Elduman Resilience on at all times, but this requires more effort and psionic energy and has a reduced effect. This looks like Damage Resistance 2 - 4 (Biokinesis, -5%) [10 - 20].

Oh, Elduman don't have sensitive external genitalia, so they get Injury Tolerance (No Groin) and they're immortal or whatever, so they get Unaging.

Elduman are psionic so we given them Energy Reserve 3 (Psionic) to pay for activating any of their psionics powers and whatnot. We also add a feature that says that they can create, purchase, and use psionic powers and whatnot. 

As crystalline creatures, Elduman are somewhat more vulnerable to sonic energies, so they get Vulnerability (Occasional Substance: Sonic Damage; Multiplier, x2). Speaking of vulnerabilities and weaknesses, the Elduman are a little inconvenienced by Gifts. This comes out as Revulsion (Occasional Substance: Gifts). Because they're made of psionic crystalline material, Elduman also have Unusual Biochemistry. 

Elduman are sustained by their psionic power, among other things, so they have Doesn't Eat or Drink. They also require less sleep than other creatures, so they have Less Sleep 4. 

And I think that about does it for Elduman. Excluding the near infinite number and variety of psionic powers they could posses.

0 points
Mandatory Traits
Basic Attribute Ranges At Character Creation
  • ST 8 - 14
  • DX 8 - 14
  • IQ 8 - 14
  • HT 7 - 13
Secondary Characteristic Ranges At Character Creation
  • Will 9 - 15
  • Per 9 - 15
  • SM +0 (5' 6" - 6' 6")
Advantages [46]
  • Alternative Sustenance: Doesn't Eat or Drink [10]
  • Crystalline Flesh: Temperature Tolerance 2 (Cold 1/Hot 1) [2]
  • Elduman Resilience: Damage Reduction 5 (Biokinesis, -5%; Active Defense Roll, -40%; Costs 1 FP/Use, -10%; Requires Attribute Roll: Will, -5%) [10]
  • Groinless: Injury Tolerance (No Groin) [2]
  • Immortal: Unaging [5]
  • Psionic: Energy Reserve 3 (Psionic) [9]
  • Reduced Sleep: Less Sleep 4 [8]
Disadvantages [-45]
  • Crystalline Flesh: Fragile (Brittle) [-15]
  • Shatter Prone: Vulnerability (Occasional Substance: Sonic Damage; Damage Multiplier x2) [-20] 
  • Strange Biology: Unusual Biochemistry [-5]
  • Vulnerable To Gifts: Revulsion (Occasional Substance: Gifts) [-5]
Quirks [-1]
  • Sexless: Sexless [-1]

Optional Traits
Secondary Characteristics
  • Will+1 [5]
  • Per+1 [5]
  • Enhanced Elduman Resilience [+2/1 DR]: The Elduman may increase their Elduman Resilience up to Damage Resistance 15 and may do so at any time.   
  • Passive Resilience [10 - 30]: Some Elduman possess a passive form of Elduman Resilience that functions at all times, this form of passive ability replaces the active ability and because it requires more effort and psionic energy to maintain, it is weaker. Passive Elduman Resilience is purchased as Damage Reduction 2 - 6 (Biokinesis, -5%).
Feature: Elduman are psionic creatures and may use all five types of psionics and may purchase a great variety of advantages as psionic powers.
Feature: Elduman cannot purchase any sorcerous advantages or abilities and cannot access ambient sorcerous energy in any way. 

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