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GURPS Hekinoe Races: Dwenoren

Next up in our alphabet of races from Hekinoe are the Dwenoren. The Dwenoren are a subterranean race living within labyrinthine tunnels and cave cities beneath the mountains of Whurent. And, you know, on every other continent on Hekinoe. 

So what are the defining physical/biological characteristics of the Dwenoren? The first and foremost is that they are blind. They use a sort of sonar/echolocation type thing to "see" their surroundings. They also have frills of sensory spines along their chin and jaw, this spines are stiff and fibers and are extremely sensitive to changes in air movement. They also help the Dwenoren to "see" their surroundings. The Dwenoren also have very large and complex ears to hear better. They are hairless, but their pores secrete a oily substance that serves to insulate them against the cold of the deep tunnels of Whurent. They've also evolved to require less oxygen than other races, kind of similar to what serious mountain climbers train for to acclimate to higher altitudes with less oxygen. They also have no real visible reproductive or sexual characteristics. 

So let's start with their basic attributes and secondary characteristics. They're a little short, but not tiny, so they have a SM of 0. The underground regions of Hekinoe tend to be harsh environments due to scarcity of resources and cold, so they're hardy little fuckers so their HT range is 9 - 15 and in their optional traits they'll get HT+1. They are blind and rely entirely on their sensory spines and echolocation to get around, but they're very aware of their vulnerabilities, so they tend to be perceptive within the narrow confines of their senses and their Per range is 9 - 15 and their optional traits have a Per+1. 

Dwenoren have no eyes, as I've said, so they have Blindness. A side effect of their lack of eyes is Injury Tolerance (No Eyes). Their sensory spines are treated as Vibration Sense. It functions in both air and water so it gets Universal, +50%. Unfortunately, it is limited by the direction their sensory spines are facing, so we apply Limited Effect: Front 120 Degree Arc, -30%. Their echolocation is represented as Scanning Sense (Sonar) with Extended Arc: 240 Degrees, +75%;  Targeting, +20%; and Increased Range: 2x, +10% (which means it is effective to about 40 yards through air). The echolocation of the Dwenoren also confers Ultrasonic Speech, which means they can converse in frequencies above 20 kHz. In the optional traits for Dwenoren, they'll have an option to change the Increased Range modifier of their Scanning Sense (Sonar) from 2x to 5x. 

The huge ears of the Dwenoren can perceive their echolocation, so obviously they also have Ultrahearing, which allows them to perceive frequencies of sound above 20 kHz. They also grant them very good hearing, so the Dwenoren have Acute Senses 1 (Hearing). Dwenoren also gain a feature that states that they may but the Acute Senses advantage for their Scanning Sense (Sonar) and their Vibration Sense.

The skin oils of the Dwenoren are represented with Temperature Tolerance 1 (Cold) and Slippery 1.

And with that, I think we're done. So here are the Dwenoren:

22 points
Mandatory Traits
Basic Attribute Ranges At Character Creation

  • ST 8 - 14
  • DX 8 - 14
  • IQ 8 - 14
  • HT 9 - 15
Secondary Characteristic Ranges At Character Creation
  • Will 8 - 14
  • Per 9 - 15
  • SM +0 (4' 6" - 5')
Advantages [73]
  • Ears: Acute Senses 1 (Hearing) [2], Ultrahearing [0]
  • Echolocation: Scanning Sense (Sonar; Extended Arc: 240, +75%; Targeting, +20%; Increased Range: 2x, +10%) [41], Ultrasonic Speech [10]
  • Eyeless: Injury Tolerance (No Eyes) [5]
  • Sensory Spines: Vibration Sense (Universal, +50%; Limited Effect: Front 120 Degree Arc, -30%) [12]
  • Skin Oils: Slippery 1 [2], Temperature Tolerance 1 (Cold) [1]
Disadvantages [-50]
  • Eyeless: Blindness [-50]
Quirks [-1]
  • Sexless: Sexless [-1]
Optional Traits
Basic Attributes
  • HT+1 [10]
Secondary Characteristics
  • Per+1 [5]
  • Enhanced Echolocation [+2]: Some Dwenoren possess greater ability to emit and receive their echolocation. They replace the Increased Range: 2x, +10% enhancement on their Scanning Sense (Sonar) with Increased Range: 5x, +20%. 
Feature: Dwenoren may purchase Acute Senses for their Scanning Sense (Sonar) and Vibration Sense advantages. 

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