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Gob, Son of Gul, Son of Gar (Final)

Alright, now it's Gob's turn. We start with our racial template.


6, 7, or 8 points
Attribute Ranges: DX 13+
Secondary Characteristic Ranges: SM -2 - -1 (3’ 5” - 4’ 5”)
Advantages: Animal Empathy (Rat Dogs Only) [1], Dark Vision [25], Flexibility (Flexibility) [5]
Disadvantages: Skinny [-5], Short Attention Span (SC: 12) [-10], Short Lifespan 1 [-5], Unusual Biochemistry [-5]
Special: Some Goebleen have particularly savage, almost tusk-like teeth. These Goebleen are typically larger and burlier than their brethren (always having a SM of -1) and may purchase Teeth (Sharp Teeth) [1] at character creation.
Special: Goebleen that have purchased their TL up to 4 or 5 may opt to take the Goebleen Gunslinger [1] perk. 
Special: Some Goebleen still practice The Old Ways, or The Way of Shadows. Goebleen may purchase the Unusual Background: Old Ways Initiate [5] at any time. Being initiated into The Old Way takes approximately one month of game time. This unusual background allows the Goebleen to purchase certain advantages and spells specific to shadows and darkness. 

The Mountain Goebleen template varies only slightly. They don't have Short Attention Span, their Size modifier is 0 because they're generally around 5 feet tall, and they don't have to buy the Unusual Background to access the advantages and skills associated with the Old Ways. 

That's a pretty light racial template. Gob has the 7 point version. Animal Empathy lets you roll an IQ check to determine an animals mood and it lets you use influence skills on animals just as you would other sapient creatures. It only applies to rat dogs though. Dark Vision lets you see black and white in the dark. Flexibility makes you better at slipping out of bonds and stuff. Goebleen Gunslinger is a perk that represents the Goblin feat of the same name. It lets Goebleen count their ST as one point higher when using single handed firearms like revolvers. Most weapons have a minimum ST requirement. This doesn't mean you cant use them, it just means you need to make a ready maneuver after attacking with them, which limits your actions during a turn significantly. The other special account for bigger and beefier and toothier Goebleen like Gor. The final special account for the Old Ways and the Goebleen having the option of pursuing them with training.

So now we'll build him at 250 points with up to 75 from disadvantages. So here goes.

Gob, Son of Gul, Son of Gar
279 (250) points
18 year old Goebleen
3' 5" 70 lbs. 

Points From Characteristics: 145
ST: 10 [0]
DX: 13 [60]
IQ: 11 [20]
HT: 11 [10]
HP: 12 [4]
Will: 11 [0]
Per: 12 [5]
FP: 13 [6]
Basic Speed: 6 [0]
Dodge: 9
Basic Move: 6 [0]
Build: Skinny [0]
Size Modifier: -2
Appearance: Average [0]
Technology Level: 5 [15]
Cultural Familiarity: Goebleen (native), Mountain Goebleen [1], New Haven [2]
Languages: Goebleen (native), Asosan (accented) [4], Giant (accented) [4], Malstern (accented) [4]
Wealth: Comfortable [10]

That's all pretty standard stuff to understand at this point. Unlike everybody else, Gob comes from money. Comfortable means you get double the campaign starting wealth. In Orcunraytrel, that's 750 gold. In The Known World, it's 5,000 marks. That's because higher TLs have higher starting wealth. So even coming from money, Gob starts with about a third of the cash an average person from The Known World would have. One thing to note about Size Modifiers that I'm not sure I mentioned before, they apply to Vision checks to spot you and combat rolls to hit you. So folks attacking Gob have a -2 to their skill level. 

Points From Advantages: 62
Allies: Cousins (25% points; Frequency of Appearance: 9, x1; Size: 6 - 10, x6) [6]
Allies: Cousins With Guns (25% points; Frequency of Appearance: 9, x1; Size: 6 - 10, x6) [6]
Ally: Gor (75% points; Frequency of Appearance: 9, x1) [3]
Ally: Shadow (50% points; Frequency of Appearance: 12, x2; Summonable, +100%; Sympathy, -25%; Magic, -10%) [7]
Gizmo 1 [5]
Magery 1 (One College Only: Light and Darkness, -80%; Radically Unstable Magery: Stabilization Roll, -10%; Can't Use FP, -10%) [2]
Silence 2 (2 FP/minute, -10%; Magic, -10% [8]
Warp (Range Limit: 20 yards, -45%; 3 FP/use, -15%; Magic, -10%; Anchor: Darkness/Shadows He Can Touch, -20%; Reliable 3, +15%) [25]

So Gor is an ally that Gob has, but he isn't around that often, so his frequency of appearance is low. The other ally is Gob's shadow. He's only built at 50% of Gob's points (125), but he will be built using the Shadow Form advantage, but it won't be switchable so it comes out to a -20 disadvantage. Plus that shadow won't have any ST, which will be an extra 100 character points right off the bat. So at a minimum, the shadow will be built at 245 character points. Not too shabby considering he'll have minimal skills. The Sympathy limitation means that if Gob or the shadow gets mind controlled, stunned, or knocked out they both are. Magery 1 is part of the Old Ways and it follows the previously discussed rules for GURPS magic in Hekinoe. Silence is another part of that and when activated with a ready maneuver and some FP Gob will increase his Stealth by 2 (for 17) while he's moving, or 6 (for 21) if he is standing still. Warp is another piece of the Old Ways and lets Gob jump through shadows. It's short range and only lets him jump up to 60 yards, and it carries a penalty of -8 if he does it without spending any time concentrating (meaning he has to roll 3 or lower on 3d to do it successfully), but fuck it, he can jump through shadows. He can also reduce that -8 by spending FP in addition to the listed cost of FP. As Gob gains character points, this is an advantage I would be modifying more and more. I'd probably add the enhancement that lets Warp be used to reflexively dodge as well. Gizmo is a neat advantage that lets you once per game session per level pull out something you could reasonably have but didn't specifically say you do have, regardless of circumstances. So you can have a grenade after being stripped naked and searched. Or pull out a wad of cash (assuming you have cash at home) after being mugged. It fits with Gob's host of alchemy crap and explosives crap and having various odds and ends on his person. Gizmo is the equivalent of Batman's utility belt. 

Points From Perks: 3
Always Has a Cousin... [1]
Goebleen Gunslinger [1]
Weapon Bond (Grandpa Gar's Revolver) [1]

Always Has a Cousin is sort of a perk level version of Contact. The equivalent of I know a guy who knows a guy who does whatever. He also has the Goebleen Gunslinger perk and the Weapon Bond perk that gives him a +1 to skill level when he uses his grandpa's revolver.

Points From Disadvantages: -57
Addiction (Tobacco) [-5]
Code of Honor (Goebleen's) [-5]
Duty: Cousins (Quite Rarely: 6) [-2]
Duty: The Goebleen Nation (Fairly Often: 9) [-10] 
Duty: The People of Freebooter's Crossing (Fairly Often: 9) [-10]
Intolerance (Asosans) [-5]
Intolerance (Giants) [-5]
One Eye [-15]

Gob likes to smoke, we all know this, so he has an addiction. The Goebleen Code of Honor is fairly open ended. It generally focuses on protecting family and women and not being a raging douchebag, unless your enemies are Asosans. Or Giants. Or like weirdly stupidly tall. Or are riding horses. Or don't like rat dogs. You get the idea. Gob talks about his cousins a lot, and sometimes he calls on them for help. Duty is a disadvantage with a points value based on how often and how hazardous the duty is, and the punishment for failing to do it. So every so often (on a 6 or less) he has to go and do something as a favor to one of his cousins. Sometimes it's dangerous, other times it isn't. The points value is -2 because it doesn't happen often, isn't always hazardous, and there's no real punishment for not doing it. His Duty to the Goebleen and Freebooter's Crossing (something I could have added to the rest of the group's characters, but forgot about) are a little more frequent, dangerous, and carry heavier penalties for abandoning, so they offer more points. Intolerance towards Asosans and Giants means that Gob reacts at -3 to Giants and Asosans in terms of social interactions, and they react to him from -1 to -5, depending on how much of a raging racist douchenozzle he's being. One eye just means that Gob has a penalty on hand eye coordination tasks and has a -1 to DX when using a ranged weapon, unless he makes an aim maneuver.

Points From Quirks: -6
Dislikes Biting Goats [-1]
Always Has A Cousin... [-1]
Constant Twitching and Sneaking [-1]
Dislikes Horses [-1]
Phobia (Quirk Level; The Underhel) [-1]
Thinks Being Tall is Weird [-1]

These are a host of little minor penalties accrued because Gob is a quirky little dude. Always Has a Cousin... is on there because it is annoying to constantly hear about how he has a cousin who does thing X. So he has a penalty to social interactions when he talks about them excessively. The constant twitching and sneaking he also does is irritating. He also has a penalty on being in deep underground places due to the presence of the Underhel. Quirks and perks are almost always a 1 point penalty or bonus, unless they're super duper specialized or a very very minor effect. They're typically based off of pre-existing advantages and disadvantages, but don't have to be. For instance, Thinks Being Tall is Weird would just be a -1 to skill level when Gob tries to use dialogue type skills to read anyone taller than 5 feet high. Dislikes Biting Goats is a -1 penalty to skill level when in melee combat with biting goats because their teeth are fucking huge and right by Goebleen faces, so they're leery of getting close enough to hit them. 

Points From Racial Template: 6
Animal Empathy (Rat Dogs Only) [1]
Dark Vision [25]
Flexibility (Flexibility) [5]
Short Attention Span (SC: 12) [-10]
Short Lifespan 1 [-5]
Skinny [-5]
Unusual Biochemistry [-5]

Yup. Looks like a Goebleen to me. 

Points From Skills: 81
Acrobatics (DX+1/H) - 14 [8]
Alchemy (IQ+1/H; TL 2) - 12 [8]
Armoury (IQ-1/A; TL 5 Small Arms) - 10 [1]
Camouflage (IQ+2/E) - 13 [4]
Climbing (DX-1/A) - 12 [1]
Current Affairs (IQ+0/A; TL 2; Regional: Goebleen) [2]
Escape (DX+0/H) - 13 [4]
Explosives (IQ+1/A; TL 5; Demolition) - 12 [4]
Fast-Draw (DX+0/E; Ammo) - 13 [1]
Fast-Draw (DX+0/E; Pistol) - 13 [1]
Filch (DX+0/A) - 13 [2]
First Aid (IQ+0/E; TL 2) - 11 [1]
Guns (DX+2/E; TL Pistols) - 15 [4]
Jumping (DX+0/E) - 13 [1]
Lockpicking (IQ+0/A; TL 5) - 11 [2]
Melee Weapon (DX-1/A; Knife) - 12 [1]
Naturalist (IQ+0/H) - 11 [4]
Observation (Per+0/A) - 12 [2]
Pickpocket (DX-1/H) - 12 [2]
Shadowing (IQ+1/A) - 12 [4]
Sleight of Hand (DX+0/H) - 13 [4]
Stealth (DX+2/H) - 15 [12]
Survival (Per+0/A; Arctic) - 12 [2]
Survival (Per+0/A; Underground) - 12 [2]
Throwing (DX+0/A) - 13 [2]
Tracking (Per+0/A) - 13 [2]

There's a lot of stuff here that we've already covered before. Most of it centers on shooting things or hiding from things or knowing things. Alchemy is used to make alchemical elixirs and pastes and potions. I'll discuss that more later. One thing I do want to mention. Gob's Stealth is 17 if he is moving and 21 if he is standing still when he activates his Silence ability. In addition to that, anyone trying to spot him will have a -2 to their Vision check to see him due to his size. 

Points From Alchemy Recipes/Techniques: 0
Alchemical Antidote (Alchemy-3)
Battle (Alchemy-2)
Healing (Alchemy-1)
Invisibility (Alchemy-4)
Stealth (Alchemy-2)

So the way alchemy works is that various alchemical things have a recipe and you have to have a recipe before you can make a potion/paste/tab/etc. Each potion is crafted using the Alchemy skill, but some of the more complicated ones default to it with a penalty. Gob's Alchemy skill is 12, but healing potions default to Alchemy-1, so Gob has to roll against 11 when crafting it. Each potion takes time and reagents to make, so there is a cost to it. You can also buy techniques for each recipe. So Gob could buy the healing potion technique at default+1 for 2 character points and be able to use his Alchemy skill level of 12 when crafting healing potions. Unlike Pathfinder, GURPS alchemy is purely magical in nature and not pseudo-magitech.

Points From Spells: 14
Light and Darkness: Blur (W+M-2/H) - 10 [1]
Light and Darkness: Continual Light (W+M-2/H) - 10 [1]
Light and Darkness: Blackout (W+M-1/H)  - 11 [2]
Light and Darkness: Darkness (W+M-1/H) - 11 [2]
Light and Darkness: Hide (W+M-1/H) - 11 [2]
Light and Darkness: Invisibility (W+M/H) - 12 [4]
Light and Darkness: Shape Darkness (W+M-1/H) - 11 [2]

Gob has some spells from being initiated into the Goebleen Old Ways. They're all fairly straightforward in what they do. Blur applies a -1 to -5 penalty to skill level when attacking Gob while it's active. Continual light continually makes light. Blackout creates an area of darkness no one can see into or out of, Dark Vision can penetrate it, but not Night Vision or Infravision. Darkness creates an area of darkness you can see out of, but not into, and it blocks Night Vision and Infravision, but not Dark Vision. So just imagine a hundred Goebleen running around a battlefield all wearing this spell and each fighting from a 3 yard wide blob of darkness. Hide inflicts a -1 to -5 penalty on Sense rolls to see the target and makes a Vision roll mandatory to see the subject even when they're in plain sight. A Vision roll is just your Perception plus any vision related modifiers from situations and advantages and stuff. Invisibility makes you invisible. This inflicts a -4 dodge penalty on defenders, and if the defender makes a Hearing-2 roll, he can parry at -4. If the defender is completely unaware of his target, he can't make any defense roll. Shape Darkness lets you alter the shape and dimensions of darkness created with the Darkness or Blackout spells. 

Points From Techniques: 2
Eye Patches Are Awesome! (Default+1/H) [2]

This is a technique of my own creation. Gob lost his eye, which confers a penalty to DX when using ranged weapons. This technique buys off this penalty when using ranged weapons.

Points From Special Crap Accrued During Play: 29
No More Underhel! (Bought Off Underhel Quirk Phobia) [1]
Independent Income 5 [5]
Land of Shadows Training: Magery 0 [5]
Land of Shadows Training: Unusual Background: Old Ways Initiate [5]
Reputation: Told His Uncle Off (+2; Affects Small Class of People: His Cousins, x1/3; Recognized All the Time, x1) [3]
Sensitivity Training With Donovan (Bought Off Intolerances) [10]

There is no Underhel anymore, so Gob's quirk level phobia of the Underhel is rendered irrelevant. He also spent a month in the Land of Shadows with the witches of his people being initiated into The Old Ways, so the Unusual Background and Magery 0 are added on there as well. He also has a Reputation because most of his cousins are terrified of his uncle Gor, so they think he's ballsy for refusing to come home and stop hanging out with his pirate friends. There were several RPs where Donovan touched on how stupid it is for Gob to hate Asosans and Giants for the sake of hating Asosans and Giants for all the shit they've done in the past and Donovan eventually changed Gob's mind about some of his opinions on Giants and Asosans. Gob should probably have some Rank and Status due to the fact that he is technically the heir to the Goebleen Nation, but he doesn't really act like the prince of a nation, his father is immortal (with caveats), and he doesn't really have much to do with the business of running the Goebleen Nation, so I haven't included that stuff.

Gob has some gear, but it isn't particularly unique compared to the stuff the other guys have. His grandpa's gun is comparable to Karl and Karraks, but silenced. His leather armor is enchanted for a bonus to DR. He carries a few grenades and some alchemy crap. That's about it.

So there's Gob. 

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