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Karrak Seaborne (Final)

We're winding down here (are we?). We've finally come to Karrak Seaborne. You know what I love about this guy? Nothing. He's dumb and smells funny and isn't even remotely pretty and he's a slow reader. Here's the rough draft. So now that I've discussed a lot of things about improving characters and advantages accrued during play and whatnot I can let it slip that Karrak's advancement will not be delayed by his Gifts, so there's a possibility Karrak will be massively powerful in comparison to the other characters. We'll see what it looks like after all of the gadget related disadvantages occur. So once again 250 character points, up to 75 points from disadvantages not stemming from racial template.

Racial template first:

Fell Human Descendants

-11 points

Secondary Characteristic Ranges: SM -1 - +1 (4’ - 7’)

Disadvantages: Short Lifespan 1 [-5], Unnatural Features 1 [-1], Unusual Biochemistry [-5]

Special: Fell Human Descendants may buy a single advantage possessed by another race template. This advantage cannot come from the Fallen, Fell Soulless, Rankethlek, or Soulless racial template.

So that's Fell Human descendants. They've got Unusual Biochemistry now, which means that there is a chance that chemicals and drugs and such designed for human (Uncout) biology won't work for them or will do weird things to them. The special option allows them to choose a single advantage from another racial template to purchase, and they may only do so at character creation. 

Karrak Seaborne
297 (250) points
19 year old Fell Human Descendant
6' 170 lbs. 

Points From Characteristics: 45
ST: 10 [0]
DX: 12 [40]
IQ: 10 [0]
HT: 12 [20]
HP: 13 [6]
Will: 10 [0]
Per: 9 [-5]
FP: 15 [9]
Basic Speed: 6 [0]
Dodge: 10
Basic Move: 6 [0]
Build: Average [0]
Size Modifier: 0
Appearance: Average [0]
Technology Level: 5 [0]
Cultural Familiarity Haven (Native)
Languages: Malstern (Native), Goebleen (Accented)
Wealth: Dead broke [-25]

Karrak is pretty mild in the stats department. The way I am converting stats is an 11 in Pathfinder equals an 11 in GURPS, 18 - 20+ equals a 13 in GURPS, and anything between 12 and 17 just gets a 12 in GURPS. This doesn't change things at all from the previous version of Karrak.

Points From Advantages: 114
Allies: Redshirts (25% points, Always Around x4, 11 - 20 x8) [32]
Ally: Jeremiah (75% points, Always Around x4) [12]
Ambidexterity [5]
Enhanced Defense (Dodge) [15]
Extra Attack [25]
Gunslinger [25]

This is completely unchanged from what Karrak has in his rough draft version. Ambidexterity lets him avoid the penalty for his off hand. The Enhanced Defense (Dodge) increases his dodge defense from 9 to 10. Extra Attack lets him have an extra attack maneuver each round. Mind you he can't make a double attack with both attack maneuvers, so he's limited to three attacks per round at this time. Gunslinger lets him get the full Accuracy bonus to his skill level when firing single shots with revolvers (half if he uses a longarm or uses rapid fire). 

Points From Perks: 2
Sure-Footed (Naval Training) [1]
Sure-Footed (Slippery) [1]

Those perks are new for Karrak. In GURPS, when you have bad footing due to terrain issues like heaps of corpses or blood and whatnot you have a -2 penalty to your attack skill. Those two Sure-Footed perks prevent that penalty from affecting Karrak when he is on a moving surface like the deck of a ship or a slippery surface like one coated by water (or blood). 

Points From Disadvantages: -45
Alcoholism [-15]
Code of Honor (Pirate's) [-5]
Short Attention Span (SC: 12) [-10]
Weirdness Magnet [-15]

So yeah, there's his old disadvantages plus a new one. Just like with Donovan, I've used the Short Attention Span disadvantage to represent Karrak's difficulties noticing things around him. Realistically, heh, his Alcoholism should be a quirk level disadvantage. It hasn't disrupted him in Pathfinder and he can create his own booze with his Gifts, so yeah. I also decided he should probably have Code of Honor (Pirate's) since he is the pirate of the group. Seems logical.

Points From Quirks: 0

Points From Racial Template: -11
Short Lifespan 1 [-5]
Unusual Biochemistry [-5]
Unnatural Features 1 [-1]

Points From Skills: 127
Acrobatics (DX+2/H) - 14 [12]
Artillery (IQ+1/A, TL 5 Cannon) - 10 [4]
Carousing (HT+2/E) - 14 [4]
Cartography (IQ+1/A, TL 5) - 10 [4]
Climbing (DX+1/A) - 13 [4]
Crewman (IQ+0/E, Airshipman/TL 5) - 10 [1]
Crewman (IQ+3/E, Seamanship/TL 5) - 13 [8]
Diplomacy (IQ-1/H) - 9 [2]
Escape (DX+0/H) - 12 [4]
Fast-Draw (DX+2/E, Pistol) - 14 [4]
Fast-Draw (DX+2/E, Sword) - 14 [4]
Fast-Draw (DX+2/E, TL 5 Ammo) - 14 [4]
Fast Talk (IQ+0/A) - 10 [2]
Gunner (DX+1/E, TL 5 Cannon) - 13 [2]
Guns (DX+3/E, TL 5 Pistol) - 16 [12]
Jumping (DX+0/E) - 12 [1]
Leadership (IQ+2/A) - 12 [8]
Melee Weapon (DX+3/A, Shortsword) - 15 [12]
Navigation (IQ+2/A, TL 5, Sea) - 12 [8]
Piloting (DX-1/A, TL 5 Lighter-Than-Air) - 11 [1]
Shiphandling (IQ-1/H, TL 5 Airship) - 9 [2]
Shiphandling (IQ+1/H, TL 5 Ship) - 11 [8]
Sleight of Hand (DX+0/H) - 12 [4]
Stealth (DX+1/A) - 13 [4]
Swimming (HT+2/E) - 14 [4]
Thrown Weapon (DX+2/Easy, Axe/Mace) - 14 [4]

Karrak has a decent selection of skills, unfortunately most of them are based on IQ, and his is only 10. That makes it slightly expensive. Oh well, it's only like half his character points tied up into skills. I've tried to make his airship handling skills lower than average as he's only theorized drunkenly about piloting one. It matches up fairly well with the capabilities of the group and his Pathfinder version. 

Points From Techniques: 18
Close-Quarters Battle (Default+4/A, Guns: Pistol) - 20 [4]
Close-Quarters Battle (Default+4/A, Melee Weapon: Shortsword) - 19 [4]
Dual-Weapon Attack (Default+4/H, Guns: Pistol) - 15 [5]
Dual-Weapon Attack (Default+4/H, Melee Weapon: Shortsword) - 15 [5]

We've got the Dual-Weapon attacks for when he starts making all out attack maneuvers in combat. The Close-Quarters Battle technique is a technique that lets him buy off the -2 or Bulk penalty of a weapon when he moves and attacks in combat. Karrak is used to boarding actions, so it seems like he'd know what's he's doing and be good at charging around shooting and slashing. Just so we're clear, the CQB doesn't improve his Gun skill or his Melee Weapon skill to 20 and 19 when he moves and attacks, it just means that whatever penalty is applied from his weapon's Bulk will be subtracted from those, rather than his base skill level. If the result ends up above his base skill level, it drops down to the base skill level. Then you apply whatever other fucking modifiers there are.

Points From Special Crap Accrued During Play: 7
Ally: Gob (100% points, around fairly often: 9 or less x1) [1]
Andorian's Boon: Buy Off Short Lifespan 1 [5]
Andorian's Boon: Doesn't Breathe (Can Be Stolen With a Quick Contest -30%, Gifts -10%) [12]
Andorian's Boon: Doesn't Eat or Drink (Can Be Stolen With a Quick Contest -30%, Gifts -10%) [6]
Andorian's Boon: Unaging (Can Be Stolen With a Quick Contest -30%, Gifts -10%) [5]
Andorian's Boon: Weakness: REDACTED (1d per 5 minutes, Rare) [-5]
Andorian's Boon Side Effect: Rapid Healing (Rapid; Can Be Stolen With a Quick Contest, -30%; Gifts, -10%) [3]
Andorian's Boon Side Effect: Temperature Tolerance 2 (Cold/Hot; Can Be Stolen With a Quick Contest, -30%; Gifts, -10%) [2]
Independent Income 5 [5]
Reputation: Defended the Warrens From the Warren Hunters (+3 reaction modifier, affects large class of people: Goebleen x1/2, recognized all the time x1) [8]
Duty: Assist Keroen Skathos (almost all the time, moderately hazardous) [-15]
Vow (Do No Harm to the Feronel or Sokarnel) [-10]

We see Andorian's boon covering Karrak's immortality with caveats, along with all the other special crap that has been previously discussed. He also has some Temperature Tolerance modifying how comfortable he is due to the influence of Gifts, so now Karrak is fine in temperatures between 23 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. He also has Rapid Healing because of his Gifts investment. It's not the regeneration of Nel, but it does let him improve his recovery time from natural healing and make him more resistant to crippling injuries.

As far as gear, Karrak has a revolver comparable to Karl's, just without the modifications for fine quality, it has enchantments for +1 to attack skill and +1 to damage, along with the loyal sword enchantment that will call it to his hand. He also has a ring that will increase his dodge defense by +1 (just like everybody else that has a Ring of Deflection in Pathfinder). He has Bracers of Armor in Pathfinder, but that sort of thing would only protect his arms in GURPS, so the only equivalent would be an entire suit of leather armor with the fortify enchantment on it to increase each piece's DR by 1. I'm not doing that because Karrak doesn't wear armor. Everything else Karrak has on Bob is fairly mundane in nature.

Ok, so right here was a bunch of stuff about how I'll represent Gifts in GURPS. I thought I had it settled and squared away, but I think I need to dick around with it just a wee bit more before I start typing about it. There are two ways I think I can go: Gifts as advantages or Gifts as reflavored magic. Reflavoring magic works extremely well, but it feels very structured, which is not what Gifts should be. Basing them on advantages works extremely well and feels very free form, which is appropriate. It just requires a shit ton of tweaking and whatnot. Either way I go, I can accurately represent all the crap Karrak can do with his Gifts. I just need to settle on which form I want to use is all.

Karrak Seaborne (except for Gifts) everybody. Wee.

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