Friday, July 12, 2013

Still Moar Minecraft

So I've been playing a lot of Minecraft lately, perhaps you've noticed. I really really like the vanilla version of the game. I've spent countless hours just digging holes in the ground looking for ores I don't precisely need because I never really do anything other than dig holes and build towers and glass structures and stuff. Nonetheless, I love the game. It's so much fun. 

This guy from work bought a server, as I've said before, and we started using all these mods and stuff, and those have added and ridiculous amount of new content. Trains and engines and magic and all sorts of fun things to expand the crafting and building you can do in the game. You can breed trees and bees with Forestry and make golems with Thaumcraft and make quarries with Buildcraft. 

That's a picture of my quarry. You can see on the lower left where I've built solar panels to power it and also a series of chests and tubes for extracting the mined resources. I built it over water so the water would cascade down into it to nullify any lava nodes, which stop the quarry from mining. I built it next to a volcano (a biome addition that can sometimes explode with lava) because I wanted some basalt and obsidian. 

So there's all this new cool shit that I think is neat, so now I think the game is neater and have been playing it a lot. Obsessively, one might say. Oh well, we all have our hobbies. Looking at things and how the server runs, I've thought about getting a server for myself. Not with any real intent to make it public per se, but just as a large space to dick around in that occasionally a friend could join me in or wander around to see what I'm up to. Plus, I'm kind of thinking I'll need a back up. The guy running our server right now is unreliable.  

One of the neat thoughts I had was just wandering around in creative mode just building dungeons. With all the tricks you can pull with redstone, making a deathtrap dungeons would be pretty easy. There are tripwires and levers and pressure plates and machines that can shoot arrows or exploding potions and pistons that can retract blacks and so on and so forth. It's kind of a neat concept. I mean, in theory, anyone wandering in could just deconstruct your dungeon layer by layer, but there are various operator and admin plugins you can use to keep people from altering anything in a certain area. 

Basically, this amounts to setting up something like an RPG server. Essentially create a safe spawn zone and then build a world around it using some of the neat stuff some of the mods can do accompanied by admin powers. I just watched a guy who goes by Direwolf20 on YouTube set up a program that has his little ComputerCraft robots build towns (apparently if you build specific types of buildings, villagers will start spawning and colonize them). Towns. He used computers to program robots in Minecraft to build a town. I dunno, I thought it'd be really fun to wander through the world doing things like building the Desert of Desolation and The Keep on the Borderlands or The Black Mountain. 

I mean, that'd be pretty neat. If someone I knew was doing something like that, creating dungeons to dig through for treasure, in Minecraft, I'd totally be into it. With the mind I have for dungeons and trapping, it could be like FourthcoreCraft. I dunno, I've got some interesting thoughts in my head about interesting things. We'll see, I guess. 

Eventually I'll do a post about Pathfinder, I promise. 

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