Monday, July 1, 2013

Immortalhood: Redux

With the guys reuniting Evandor and Andorian, the abilities of the Immortals of Ocrunraytrel have changed a bit. The original version appears here. The reason for the change is because Evandor's Gifts (enhanced by the Wytchstave) are what granted the Immortals their powers and such. With Evandor being forced to return the staff to Keroen Skathos, he isn't particularly interested in leaving a bunch of his Gifts lying around for the Immortals to use. Plus, he doesn't really need the Immortals to be as powerful as they were, as he no longer needs them for whatever unnamed task he created them for in the first place.

Why leave them any power at all, though? Well, think of it like wands. Think of each Immortal as the use of a single charge of the wand. There are less than fifty Immortals in existence and Andorian and Evandor each have vastly more "charge" than a wand does (I think it's fifty for a freshly made wand). Plus, all the other "charges" are constantly regenerating after each use. Point is, fifty Immortals and Karrak aren't too big of a drain on the resources of Andorian and Evandor. You can make the argument that immortality is a significant power, but you'd be wrong. Because this isn't immortality without caveats. This is immortality in that you cannot age unto death. Wizards have the same ability, and they can take it in place of a feat at 20th level. Any full blooded Fell Human can do the same by taking the longevity trait and the feat that has it as a prerequisite as well. So basically, Karrak gained a bonus feat from Andorian. Heh.

To continue with the whole Immortal thing, the link above takes you to the original abilities, here are what they look like post Evandor leaving Orcunraytrel:

  • Immortality, i.e. Immortals don't age to death and become immune to aging effects. However, they also cannot be raised or resurrected or otherwise restored to life should they meet an untimely death via dismemberment.
  • Immortals still require food, water, and oxygen, but they cannot be killed due to lack of those. They still suffer all the normal effects of starvation and suffocation, but they cannot actually die and if reduced to the point of death, they remain one hit point away from death (and likely unconscious). Other effects that deal damage can end them while they are starving or suffocating, obviously.
  • Immortals gain a total of +6 they can apply to their ability scores. This may be applied as a +2 to three different ability scores or a +4 to one score and a +2 to another ability score.
  • Immortals gain spell resistance of 6 + their character level. If the character is a psionic character, they instead gain power resistance.
  • Immortals may take levels in divine classes (Cleric, Druid, Inquisitor, Oracle, Paladin) or exchange current character levels for levels in a divine class. Immortals with levels in divine classes may grant spells to their followers if those followers are members of divine classes as well. In the case of followers, you cannot control them or speak to them over vast distances or anything like that, but you can turn their powers that come from you on and off at will and are completely immune to their class based supernatural and spell-like abilities and spells. Additionally, they cannot cast any spells you cannot, and they may never gain access to spells of level 5 or higher, regardless of class.
  • Immortals become tier 1 mythic characters.

So that's not a terribly big change looking at it. The impact on followers is fairly significant, especially if you have dreams of surrounding yourself with herds of Clerics capable of stuffing you with food and drink to ensure you don't enter into a starvation coma. You still become immortal and resistant to magic or psionics and you gain a stat boost and become a mythic character and the ability to become a divine character yourself. These are all pretty beneficial options and abilities for characters. The additional point of interest is that now Evandor isn't waiting on top of the mountain bored and all too happy to play games with mortals and make irritating and infuriating pacts with them. Can you imagine Karrak making a pact to never set foot on a wooden vessel or never letting rum pass his lips? I think Jason would have rebelled and staged a coup against me.

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  1. I don't know if I'd have staged a Coup per se...

    Maybe some creative thinking would begin to happen between all of the engineers that play at your table to figure out a way around it.

    Y'know, because we're assholes like that.

    Hmmm... now I wonder what types of awful things I could do to get around that. Time to start digging into magic items!