Friday, November 9, 2012

What The Double Fuck?

It suddenly occurs to me, whilst driving home from the gas station, that I have written the Fallen as having an appearance fairly typical to rotted undead creatures. Now, this isn't terribly weird, they are undead animated by a unknowable entity known as The Bleak Tyrant. However, all Fallen were once Eldumans. Eldumans are crystalline creatures that wear faux-flesh over a body composed of crystalline structures and internal organs that look like raw gemstones and various pulsing psionic fluids. As such, they would not rot or smell or you know, have bone to make them look all skeletal and whatnot. Why has it taken me like three years to realize this, and why the fuck has no one mentioned this glaring, semi-truck sized, hole in the game world's consistency to me? Whelp, I guess I'll be doing some typing this afternoon. Yeesh. 

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