Friday, November 23, 2012

Alternate Rules: Elduman Feats

So I've been thinking about Eldumans lately, mainly their psionic nature. They have the ability to sustain themselves with psionic energy by paying 1 power point per day to go without food and water. They also have an ability to give themselves a +4 to saving throws, and one to reduce damage they take by 2 points. So they generally have the appearance of being tough, as long as they have power points. There isn't anything in the language anywhere, but I think I may change it to limit how many power points they can spend on each of those abilities in one sitting. All psionic powers limit the amount of power points you can spend to manifest and augment the power by your manifester level, so a 6th level Psion can spend 6 power points on a power (this includes the base cost of the power) and a Psychic Warrior 5/Monk 2 can spend 5 power points on a power he manifests. Anyway, I think I'd just add a line to the abilities that says you cannot spend more than your hit dice in power points on any of those abilities in one sitting. Although, the only one you can really spend multiple power points on is the one that reduces damage. Anyway.

The thing that inspired this was discussing nonlethal damage and the Elduman Resilience power. In the most recent email, the group had cause to do some extensive moving, which causes nonlethal damage. My initial thought was that Donovan could not use Elduman Resilience to avoid this damage because it comes from overworking his body and isn't like a blade or something hitting him in the face. Cary disagreed and after a moment of thinking about it, I did as well. If Eldumans can feed their bodies with mental power, and prevent the destruction of their crystalline flesh with it, why can't it restore weird crystalline muscle tissue or remove weird crystalline chemical build up in those muscles? 

This led to me coming up with a feat idea, something called Elduman Restoration. There are three feats for Eldumans that enhance their innate abilities. Enhanced Elduman Repletion removes their need for food and water, but doesn't cost any power points. Enhanced Elduman Resistance improves the one round save bonus to +6. Enhanced Elduman Resilience improves the damage prevention to 4 points per power point. My thought is that this Elduman Restoration feat would require all three of these Enhanced Elduman feats as prerequisites. 

The function of the feat would be that you gain Fast Healing 1 for one round per power point you spend (capping at your character level), though I am wondering if Fast Healing 2 would be better since it is a heal over time. I might require a character level to take the feat as well, as I'd like it to be a higher end feat, but again, Fast Healing 1 or 2 aren't that significant at higher level play. At 20th level, with enough power points, you're looking at 20 - 40 hit points over as many rounds, which makes it not so amazingsauce for combat, but good for recovery. 

I wonder if temporary Regeneration would be more appropriate than Fast Healing though. Perhaps temporary Regeneration, but given that it is crystal and not flesh and blood, perhaps it is vulnerable to sonic damage instead of fire or acid. But that doesn't exactly make precise sense because a lot of psionic powers have to do with crystal and sonic damage. 

Hmm, I guess I'll think about it. 

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