Saturday, October 20, 2012

So I came up with an idea, big surprise, right? The character I have at the moment is a gun toting Wizard named Karl with an archetype of Spellslinger. This allows him to cast spells through his pistol(s).

I see him as as someone who does not want to actually be a pirate but was around them just to get to a different land and away from his "problems.' I also seen him as making pistols, as it is sort of his obsession that is sort of tied in with his magic use. His family was clan based and that is why he gets along with the Goebleen so well. He also has slight plans for making "anti-siege" weapons eventually to protect the tower and to sell to the pirates at New Haven (at a hefty price) to protect their settlement.

Now, I want to give you an idea how I have always seen the Wizard class: Batman. Honestly, for how expensive things can get when you are making items/ casting spells as a Wizard, you should probably be a billionaire anyway, this shit is unreal. Yes, there are large returns, but look at a Monk with no armor or weapons or most psionic classes. Yeah, if he had magic equipment it would help a lot, but those guys are still ass-kickers without even trying.

With how I see Wizards and keeping that in mind, the real reason for this post: mass production and selling of guns to maintain our fort and my character's goals. I feel like our little group may have a falling out with the pirates eventually and want to plan for that accordingly. Selling guns to them seems dangerous and thinking about that made me think that as a Wizard I should be able to produce an effect that would essentially disable anything they try to use against us that we produced. Talking with my GM about it, he thought it was a great idea.

We tossed a few ideas around, like break and contingency, which would make it a really high level thing to do. There was the ill-fated thing of just making the pin weak so it would break at random. Then: GOLD. Steve struck it, pan handling in the books of Pathfinder. Explosive Runes, a 3rd level spell. Use spellcraft to see if I can make it do what I want and BAM, a small controlled explosion that only breaks the pin. I still need to do that make those checks, damnit.

Edit After The Fact: Steve fixed some stuff.

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