Monday, July 23, 2012

Orcunraytrel 03: Goebleening Up

So we gamed a few hours ago. Unfortunately, Lance forgot what day the session would be and picked up a shift at work. He was going to Skype in from his phone if it was slow, but it was not and he didn't. Probably better for his continued employment that he did not, heh. We used for the first time tonight, and we also were joined by our new player Cary for the first time. Both firsts went well I think. One of the kittens was also kind enough to turn off my computer in the middle of the session though. Such sweet little things. 

There were a few hiccups using roll20, but overall I think it is a great program. It also lets everyone draw dicks at their leisure. I think in the end I might end up just putting everything on the whiteboard, rather than use a background graphic to put the map on. It might take a wee bit longer to build maps and scenarios, but with the background and the tokens, it ends being a little cluttered. The white backing makes it much easier to see the token placement. Dunno, once we figure the next scenario I'll try and just draw the map and see what I can come up with. I'm willing to sacrifice fanciness for the sake of clarity if I need to. Plus, it would free me from having to use Campaign Cartographer. Campaign Cartographer is quite possibly the best mapping program ever, but it can be trying to use at times. 

I think Cary fit in with the group pretty well. Seems to know his DnD and did well with the obligatory dick and fart jokes that are a part of all my gaming sessions. Yay for like minded individuals!

The scenario only went on for three or so hours, the pace was quick and there was only a little mission set up that we got through quickly. The in between session emails are working quite well in freeing up the scenarios for action and adventure. I think we would have been able to start with the first adventure sequence almost immediately, but Eric and I were on vacation with our families this weekend, so that kind of limited our ability to respond quickly to emails and such. I was keeping daywalker hours this weekend, which just jacked me up hardcore, so it limited my ability to remain conscious and capable of typing on my phone. 

The scenario was composed of three fights, an ambush, an assault on a fortification that relied on subterfuge, and a kind of attempt to hold off attackers while important materiel escaped the scene. No one died, but Jason did say he was sweating once or twice, which I take as a good sign. 

A detour for a moment. The one thing I do not care for about the low levels is that it is hard to threaten a party in a real sense without killing them. Their hit points are so low that there is very little wiggle room between half hit points and dead, which makes it difficult to not just off a player in one thrust of a spear. I mean, if a player dies, a player dies, but with six hit points, no armor, and no weapons, and just his power points to undo damage, Cary is very vulnerable. 

Anyway, the first fight was an ambush, and they had over a dozen Goebleen archers supporting them, albeit with 1d4 damage arrows, rather than 1d6 damage guns or grenades. They did kill a war priest, huzzah! Unfortunately they did not get to see any of his battle magic, which at level one wouldn't have been that impressive anyway, so no big deal. 

The second fight involved them using stolen uniforms and a stolen cart to ride into a fortification and attack their enemies. That went fine. Eric did get smote by an Asosan war priest though.  They also managed to drop a portcullis and separate their enemies, which made it a little easier to take out the opposition. Then they stole a bunch of loot and burned down the fortress. Yay mayhem!

The final battle saw them being tracked by Asosans. So they set up an ambush of their own by running ahead of the cart that was laden with several hundred pounds of looted cash and armor. Some of them were picked out by their pursuers, but that just allowed Jason to hit harder by sneak attacking. 

Everything turned out well, they recovered a bunch of cash and cemented their relationship with the Goebleen. They even managed to raise their reputation with the Goebleen by adhering to the majority of their cultural rules and whatnot. 

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