Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breaking Down The Psychogenic Fugue Arc: Crazy Train

We all know Derf, that lovable bat shit crazy killer from Hekinoe. Once a witch hunter, but that didn't work out when his sorcery manifested by teleporting him to the Necropolis and scarring his face during a duel. From there, things went downhill for Derf. He got to kill a lot of people and lead an adventuring party, but he stopped taking baths or washing his scars, so he just got ickier and ickier as time progressed. One thing no one, not even Derf himself realized, is that not only did his mind break and his ability to teleport manifest, he became unstuck in time and space. Not only did his mind fragment, it literally left his skull and the time period.

Derf's abilities and the vagaries of sorcery in general broke apart his mind piece by piece, facet by facet, and flung the pieces far and wide across time and space. Aspects of Derf, in addition to the herd of clones that were made of crazy sociopath Derf, litter the world. Basically any time you read of a red-eyed Elduman in my literature I am referring to good old Derf, or at least one of them.

Just a few things that hop into my mind while thinking about this, a red eyed Elduman restarted Elduman society after the fall of Kaleshmar. Kelik and Krin channel their powers through the red eyed skeleton of their father to stabilize sorcery in Ieanagatniv. I think those are the only two overt references to aspects of Derf, but I assure you there are more.

Each of these aspects is a two dimensional version of Derf. Derf Prime, as we will call him, is a caricature of a person. Homicidal and sociopathic beyond all reasonable belief. Each facet of his personality is taken to its extreme. The honorable one doesn't just adhere to a code, he adheres to a merciless, iron fisted, code unaffected by mercy or mitigating circumstances and such. 

Basically Derf is the Eternal Champion of Hekinoe. If you are unfamiliar, there is this dude called Michael Moorcock. He is well knownish for writing stories of Elric. Moorcock writes this pretty good sword and sorcery (and also sci-fi) novels. I am a big fan. All of his heroes, Elric, Erekose, Corum, Hawkwind, and so on and so forth, are aspects of the same Eternal Champion that exist in the multiverse. Like many things in Hekinoe, I ganked the Derf idea from somewhere else. 

So, in conclusion, Derf is everywhere and everywhen. Any questions?

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