Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Breaking Down The Psychogenic Fugue Arc: Kashmir

The secret elders of the gentle race. That is the line that ties this post to the song in the title, just a note. That line inspired me a long time ago to create the "gods" (read: super powerful aliens) of my universe. The Elder Races: the Conteog, Everseon, Lacerat, Saevoi, and Vacusu.

So A'lst would have had this like white shadow kind of part of him in the second scenario of The Bottom of the World arc. This is because A'lst is a Conteog and to use his abilities, he has to let a little bit more of himself out of the can than he normally does. Whoa. Anyway. A'lst doesn't resemble any of the races of The Known World because he isn't a member of any of them. He is a shapechanging alien called a Conteog. The Conteog are the second of the Elder Races, the first being the Saevoi, perhaps I'll talk about them in another post.

The Conteog are creatures of balance, call them Lawful Neutral as a race I guess. They are the balancers of the universe, the accountants that form order and purpose from the random chaos and burning starstuff of the cosmos. The Conteog instinctively understand the laws that keep the cosmos spinning around and expanding and whatnot, and like all of the Elder Races, they can manipulate them. Matter and the laws of physics are mutable to them. 

A'lst has been around for a long ass time, he saw the fall of Kaleshmar. So A'lst has been around a long time, what is his game though? He is an alien from a super advanced civilization basically slumming in Hekinoe playing around with electricity. Why? Mainly to oppose The Bleak Tyrant. It is why he took Kethranmeer under his wing and helped create the Rankethlek. He has great affection for Kethranmeer's legacy, he wouldn't have absconded with a Cosmic Engine to bring him back to life (kind of) if he didn't. However, he seeks to deny The Bleak Tyrant access to the Soulless through the Rankethlek and their society. 

So A'lst is an alien and his real name is Prase Me'kal. I'm not sure what more to say. The guys have always wondered what race he is and have thought he was some kind of precursor to the Glenwighta. Surpise! Alien. Any questions?

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