Monday, September 12, 2011

Further Soulless 101

So I was talking to Fred a few weeks ago (at the time of this posting), he had recently read my Omne 101 (Through 8) post. He raised an issue and I want to address it. The question he had was that, if the Soulless are animated by bodiless Fallen, potentially older and more powerful ones, why are the Soulless themselves treated as slaves and property?

The Fallen and the interaction of their personalities form the basis of the Soulless' personality. The Soulless eventually develops from bits and pieces of the minds of the Fallen that animate him, while also being formed by his experiences and that sort of the thing. However, the Soulless is not the Fallen. The Fallen are untouchable when animating the Soulless, if removed from it, the Soulless will no longer be animated and will be destroyed.

The Soulless can be tortured or tormented or welded or rusted beyond all ability to move, but the Fallen within them will feel and know nothing of this hardship. They can see and hear what the Soulless sees and hears, but they cannot speak through him, though he does speak with their voices. The Fallen within a Soulless are basically invulnerable, unless the Soulless is completely destroyed, or the Soulless is converted to a Rankethlek and the beltanizine of the lighting heart absorbs and destroys their essence.

So, the Soulless are still property. They are still treated as slaves and such, because they are not Fallen. Would it not be more constructive to treat the Soulless with respect and honor as the physical protection granted to the remains of old and powerful Fallen? They did, once, with the Omnes. Look what happened? They created super powerful, almost unstoppable and uncontrollable golem wizards. If the Soulless body gets too familiar with the Fallen inhabiting it, if the Soulless fuse irrevocably with the Fallen and the union becomes willing and perfect, the Fallen will have Omne-9 through 10,000+ on their hands, albeit ones not quite as powerful as the original eight. 

For the Fallen to have their nearly unending labor and warrior force, the slavery of the Soulless has become a necessary evil. To relent in it at all would be to allow the Soulless to not look upon the Fallen that are their minds as enemies and enslavers, but as allies. If there is no strife within the mind of the Soulless, their personality will merge with those of the animating Fallen. Who can predict the outcome of what the merged personalities will be? Will the Soulless' anger at enslavement or the patriotism of the animating Fallen be the guiding ideal? The Soulless must be beat down, welded, abused, rusted, sacrificed to the machine of war, for if the Fallen relent in that, the Soulless could become unstoppable warrior sorcerers like their forefathers.

And who is to say that the Fallen do not still build Omne-like Soulless in secret, deep within their laboratories beneath the Necropolis? Who is to say that the Council of the Dead (the ruling body of The Fallen Empire when The Bleak Tyrant is feeling bored and uninterested) is not composed of iron and wolf-iron clad liches? Vampires with fangs and ligaments of springsteel? Huge hulking zombies with muscular limbs bound in bands of rune etched steel?

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