Monday, September 26, 2011

Fear and Loathing in Las Kusseth

I am anxious about my Hekinoe campaign, specifically The Known World. I am running low on players at the moment. With Fred's schedule changing, he cannot really commit to sessions anymore. Perhaps he'll be able to come, perhaps not. Shawn has been out for a while, what with the spawn. This leaves with me Jeremy, John, and Eric. John is fairly easy to work with and gives me plenty of notice that he can't come or that he is coming, he is kind of awesome in that aspect. Jeremy and Eric are reliable as well, a little slow on the response to my questions about whether or not they can come, but they let me know.

So we are essentially down to three players. Eric is going through some frustrating issues with school though, the work load for class is such that he may have no choice but to give up DnD, which is fine. It is a legitimate thing to do that does not invoke my wrath and hatred.

This issue has led me to recruit players from other areas of my life. One of Heather's friends wants to game with us. He has said before that he'd like to game with us, we've just had too many players and were too deep in a plot when he originally asked a year or so ago. I also have a replacement for Shawn, and Jeremy's wife Laura would like to join us as well.

So we have plenty of players to keep the game going, however my issue with it is this: The plot of the campaign is so intrinsically tied to the previous campaign and the current group of characters, the it is meaningless to new players. If things go the way I worry they will, we have Jeremy and John and three new people with absolutely no knowledge of the plot or that campaign world. John likes to have a story to go along with his DnD, he has said that before, but it is not his main focus when he plays. I know Jeremy is a big fan of my world, but he already gets flustered when in roles of leadership and authority and I feel he would have trouble guiding and educating the people who are not invested in the plot at all. I mean, we'll play the game and it will be ok, but it just feels like a lot will be lost with a group where Fred, Eric, and Shawn have been replaced by three new guys with no ties to the previous campaign other than tenuous ones that I use to justify their presence.

The plot of the campaign is about to get cool, really cool, exciting to me cool. We're about to delve deeply into Kethranmeer and A'lst's history. A lot of cool shit is about to happen, and I think Fred and Jeremy and Eric and John would all think it was pretty awesome stuff. The three new players might think it was neat or cool, but they don't have that strong connection to Kethranmeer like the other guys do.

Edit After The Fact: It looks like everyone will be able to come to the next scenario in Hekinoe, and it looks like Martel and Fred will be able to participate in Fourthcore, so I guess I am just a worry wart and freaking out here. We'll see. After basically a month not doing anything DnD related, I'm starting to get really excited again about the next scenario. 

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