Monday, June 13, 2011

Inquisitivitivity: Part 1

We gamed last Sunday. We didn't get a super shit ton done, but we did make some progress. I was tired and had had a long long day at work, Fred seemed like he was exhausted as well. It was hot, and we were missing two members of the team (Jeff and Jeremy). I think it went fine though, if a bit slowly. Fred was running late so I think the rest of us were kind of dilly dallying so that we wouldn't be too far into everything when he showed up. 

There a few things I wanted to happen, mainly for them to meet with my NPC and to find a common ground with him, and also to actually see the shadow monsters. Both happened, and both went fairly well. I think the guys understand quite clearly that the shadow monsters are not something to be trifled with at this time. 

The goal of the scenario was to get information, but they didn't spend a lot of effort researching the past ten years. Primarily, they focused on local stuff and sorcery. The visit to the library got kind of side tracked with the whole rifling through Krieg's property and trying to set an ambush for him and that sort of thing, heh. 

I was kind of bummed that I couldn't include some of the fights, one is pretty cool, I don't know if they'll end up getting to it though. We'll see. Regardless, I think we're ready to get into the meat of the scenario when next we meet. We finished roughly a third of the scenario, so there is definitely enough material for our next session. As always, I am optimistic about next time.


  1. I do not recall setting an ambush for that guy at all. I do, however, remember wanting to talk to him and thus went back... no ambush.

  2. Ran'dahl climbing up through the smoke hole in the ceiling of Krieg's room and lurking in wait counts as preparing an ambush in my book. Heh.