Monday, April 11, 2011

Figuring Something Out...

For a while now, I have needed a break. I should have actually taken one when our last campaign ended, but I couldn't stop and make myself do so. I was too excited about the next campaign and how much fun I was having working on it. So I'm trying to figure out how exactly to take that break now that the new campaign is in full swing.

I've gone through a couple iterations of the idea. The first was the background light campaign idea that I was working on for a group of low experience players. The second was an alteration of that idea where it was going to be me, Eric, and Jeremy and our wives. The third was trying to play in Ieanegatniv with Lance and Shawn. The fourth idea was to create a bat shit crazy high fantasy campaign setting based on Josh's 4th Edition test character, God-King Lothorium Axelord. It was pretty ridiculous, hehe. The fifth version is that I've decided to play Gamma World with Shawn, Lance, and Jeremy.

We have the core set of Gamma World, and the two expansions. That is three total adventures, taking players from level one to nine or ten or something along those lines. I like Gamma World, and having the pre-made adventures cuts the work down quite a bit. I am all set to move forward with this idea, like right now, as are my players. However, there is an issue, Lance and Shawn will be playing via Skype.

Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, Gamma World comes as a big forty dollar box set. You can't buy the rulebook alone so you and your players all have a copy of the rules. Fine, I can handle that. The internets are a wondrous place and I have already found a series of printouts for forty-one of the forty-nine origins. The skills can be explained, and we don't have to worry too much about equipment. Problem(s) solved(ish).

Unfortunately, we have the deck of Alpha Mutations and Omega Technology to deal with. I can't just recite the cards to Lance and Shawn every time they wonder what they're capable of, and waving them under the webcam probably isn't too helpful either. Lance and Should could buy and construct their own decks, but then we play right into the Evil Corporate Hands of Wizards and buy boosters. I am brandishing my fist in the air. The best solution I've come up with, is to either make some manner of Excel spreadsheet and share it with Shawn and Lance so they can peruse it when "drawing" cards, there are like eighty cards though, and I am looking to work as little as possible in this outing. Or, I can just send them an email or lengthy text with the contents of the card, and they can collect them all. Like Pokemon!

Ok, so all the Gamma World issues are more or less resolved, what now? 

I guess I should probably read the adventures and we should play. Heh.

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