Monday, March 21, 2011


The following are some theories, some fake and others dead serious, that my group has come up regarding the campaign.

-We are the PCs of the Mysterious Enemies, and Nakmander is their GM.

-We're clones, and Nakmander used mind control and sorcery to get us to work for him.

-We're not clones, that is too cliche' for our GM to use.

-What if we're all descendants of The Robust Five and are reliving the genetic memories of the original Robust Five, ala Assassin's Creed?

-I don't think we're clones, beyond that, I don't care to theorize about what happened, I want to let it unfold.

-We're not clones, but they do exist, and we have to hunt them down and kill them and earn the Quickening.

-The giant gemstone thing is controlling everyone in Meroteth and that is what Nakmander used to control us.

-We probably just went back to work for Nakmander.

-D'alton is a banker at the bank we robbed, and the whole Robust Five are just a comic strip he doodles in his bank ledger.

-We're all participating in a mystery-style reality show.

-Temporal stasis in a world where magic goes haywire or wears down could explain us being unaged. The clones are with Nakmander and they had stored us in the basement of Tesla's Boil. Hank was not loyal to Xein, works for Nakmander or the clones or believes in the rebellion.

-Cowboy wizards, who are also ALIENS.

-We are the dream of Kethranmeer as he falls to the ground, dying.


  1. We are all in a mental institute and trying to escape via our old lives. We ended up in there pecause we did some very bad things at Nakmander's side even after Kethranmeer's death. Our brains are trying to reconcile and thus making us go batshit crazy and we have to fight a whole army of clones of ourselves, with light swords...

    Nakmander: "I am the master now ..."

    D'alton : "Only a master of evil, bitch!"

  2. Did you just read a synopsis of Sucker Punch and copy & paste it?

  3. Actually, pretty much. I was trying to fit some "Clone Wars" stuff in there too.

    Your zing was useless when he was right. Sorry to disapoint.

  4. Nakmander is Hurley and Hekinoe is made of chocolate!!!

  5. Hekinoe is actually made of rillint'i, a traditional Merotethian candy made of ground up wall powder and hardened honey. Kind of like a sorcerous Werther's Original.