Friday, March 11, 2011

Ran'dahl Koltchrain

Player: Shawn
Race: Fell-Human
Class: Summoner
Age: 19
Height: 5'
Weight: 110 lb.
Description: A short Fell Human with bulging eyes.
Favorite Color: Dark purple.
Fluff: Ran'Dahl was born to a poor tinkerer family in the Fell Peaks. He was a slight child born with bulging eyes and scaly skin. Upon his introduction to the world, his father Ran'Duhn accused the mother, Chann'i of mating with a serpent. After much accusation and further investigation, they determined that these defects were the result of all the low quality magical objects stored within their home.

As time grew on, Ran'Duhn and Chann'i tinkered more and more with their creations, eventually creating some high quality products. These were more prone to misfiring, but they were extremely potent and high in demand. So much so, rather that the family was starting to attract some unwanted attention from the gangs around the Fell Peaks.

Upon Ran'Dahls 10th birthday, Ran'Duhn presented Ran'Dahl with his first magical device, an action figure that when probed with sorcerous energy would walk and punch. Ran'Duhn told Ran'Dahl that that he had some sorcerous talent and that with practice he should be able to make the action figure animated. For the next month, Ran'Dahl worked tirelessly at playing with the action figure, even going so far as naming it Za'ith.

Ran'Dahl had showed so much success with this small Za'ith that Ran'Duhn decided to start introducing him to more and more items. For the next year, Ran'Dahl actively participated with his father in researching and testing magical devices.

One night, when Ran'Dahl was 12, a gang raided his father's workshop for all his magical devices. Ran'Duhn woke up and grabbed his blasting rod that he kept next to his bed and ran to confront the gang. When he leveled the rod at the nearest gang member, the rod exploded and took out Ran'Duhn as well as the two nearest gang members. Chann'i then told Ran'Dahl to stay in his room while she grabbed the family revolver and tried to shoot the gang leader. The leader, not being afraid of Chann'i ran up to her and knocked her out. He picked her up and started walking away with her as Ran'Dahl came storming out of his room with Za'ith. He commanded Za'ith to attach the gang leader, but the little action figure only started walking when the gang leader stomped on it and smashed it to pieces. The leader laughed and strode off with Chann'i in toll. Ran'Dahl was left sobbing in his broken home, suddenly alone with not even his action figure to keep him company.

Ran'Dahl waited two weeks in his house, hoping that his mother would come back, scrounging for any and all sustinance. Nothing happened. Finally, he ventured to where the workshop was and started sorting through the wreckage. He knew that there were secret spots that his father kept the most prized items but he didn't know where. For days Ran'Dahl would dig around the house and workshop looking for items. Each night he would drop from exhaustion. His dreams would be filled with horrible memories of that night. However, more frightening was his recollection of Za'ith. His action figure was becoming more real in his mind; much larger, stronger, and dangerous. At first, Za'ith would just appear as he would when they would play, but Ran'Dahl would suddenly wake when Za'ith would look at him, staring with red-glowing eyes. Soon, Za'ith seemed more real and menacing.

One day, he was scrounging in the workshop when he heard someone enter through the front door. It was a member from the gang. He started tearing through the workshop looking for anything of value. Ran'Dahl hid in the back under a desk. Ran'Dahl then noticed something attached under the desk, it was glowing slightly. He was just starting to reach for it when the gang member found him, hauling him out by the scruff of his collar. He asked Ran'Dahl what he was doing under the desk and if he was hiding stuff. Ran'Dahl became really frightened and started sobbing, but couldn't help to look back to the desk. The gang member caught this look, threw Ran'Dahl in the corner and retrieved the item. He started walking towards Ran'Dahl and cursing him, telling him that he better find more things or he would kill him. Ran'Dahl started sobbing harder and wished that Za'ith would come and get rid of this man. As he was thinking that, he felt a sudden chill and hear the gang member scream.

Ran'Dahl looked up and saw a large, menacing figure standing before him, blocking Ran'Dahl's view of the gang member. This figure stood about 7' tall, had long arms ending in gruesome claws. He had a very muscular, but thin build with long arms and legs. The figure stooped slightly but looked ready for action. Ran'Dahl mouthed "save me" and the creature lunged at the gang member, killing him in a blur of arms, teeth, and claws. Once the job was done, the creature looked back to Ran'Dahl and it was then that Ran'Dahl recognized that it was Za'ith. He had red eyes, a maw full of sharp teeth and a very dangerous air to him. Ran'Dahl was afraid, but he somehow knew that this creature, Za'ith, would not harm him.

As the days went on, Ran'Dahl learned how to summon and dismiss Za'ith. He began to learn how to control Za'ith and how to best utilize Za'ith to augment his own meager body and skills. Soon, with the help of Za'ith, he found many more trinkets and magical devices hidden in the workshop. He collected these and tinkered with the ones he deemed less powerful. There were some mishaps, but all in all Ran'Dahl learned a lot about magical devices.

After about a month of being holed up in the house, he ventured out. Not for wanting to, but for the sake of food. He went down to the first market he could remember and tried to get some food. The merchants would not hand out any, as the food was precious to them as well. Ran'Dahl became desperate; he offered a tiny trinket that he kept in his pocket for some food. The merchant that he offered the trinket to immediately took it and gave Ran'Dahl a sack of food. Ran'Dahl then ran home. He was inside all of 5 minutes when the door flew open and a couple of strong-arms came inside after Ran'Dahl, looking for more magical devices. Ran'Dahl immediately summoned Za'ith who promptly took out one strong-arm while the other ran away.
This was how Ran'Dahl became a small-time peddler in magical devices. This type of activity carried on for his teenage years, where he learnt some tricks to detect magical devices and how to creatively escape or folly the attempts of people looking to hurt him. Eventually, Ran'Dahl decided that he could better use his skills with Za'ith through other means. He decided to head towards the city and see if he could get hired to be a guard.

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