Friday, December 31, 2010

Wulf of the House of Ranmel 101

I'll be brief, Wulf of the House of Ranmel is the leader of the witch hunters of The New Empire. His main goals are ensuring that all the non-Eldumans stay the Hell out of his country, and also get killed if they do wander into his borders.

Wulf is a powerfully built man from the ancient and honorable house of Ranmel of The New Empire. For the longest time, the house of Ranmel has ruled both The New Empire and the witch hunter organization. The monarchy of The New Empire and the witch hunters have a somewhat strained relationship, the witch hunters believe that the government does not pay enough attention to the threats the witch hunters see in every dark corner, and the government thinks the witch hunters serve it.

This point of contention has come to a head recently, at the urging of Wulf. Wulf and his witch hunters, with the aid of member of Rudolph's own council of advisors, have violently deposed Rudolph II and have attained mastery over The New Empire with little to no blood loss. Wulf even imprisoned his brother, rather than kill him outright as a weak willed heretic.

Wulf rules The New Empire with an iron fist, if he had an alignment, it would be Lawful Neutral. There is no mercy or remorse in his heart. Only a burning and fanatical need to adhere to the letter of the laws of the witch hunters and The New Empire. His vision of justice and law is the only vision of justice and law that exists in The New Empire, and it is by sheer force of will and personality that he keeps the many factions of the witch hunters in line and on task.

So Wulf is a tough guy, with an ironclad code of ethics that will not he will not bend or alter in any way. He's a fairly uncomplicated individual, if it isn't Elduman in origin, he doesn't like it and would like it to be gone from his sight. If is sorcerous in nature, he wants to light it on fire and piss on the ashes. As previously stated, there is no mercy in his heart, and nor is their joy or compassion for the suffering of others. The world is black and white in his eyes, if you are not helping the witch hunters to cleanse The Known World, you are hindering their efforts and should be put in a dark hole somewhere, like Rudolph II.

Wulf is a nomad, he roams across The New Empire from witch hunter outpost to witch hunter outpost, writing and issuing warrants for arrest and murder and sending various dispatches to various parts of the country demanding weapons, recruits, and other resources be allotted to the witch hunters. These resources that fuel the war of the witch hunters often come at the expense of education and medicine, or the upkeep of towns and cities on the countries borders.

These border towns are often weakened and ripe for the plucking by brigands or the rare raider from another country, leaving the citizenry desperate for aid, which leaves a convenient witch hunter outpost shaped hole for Wulf to fill with his endless supply of recruits and arms and armor. Wulf is an extremely cunning individual and without him, the witch hunters would be rudderless, and this would leave this new version of The New Empire far more weakened than it has ever been.

I guess that is enough to say about Wulf.

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