Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays! 101

Here are a few holidays (a list that is in no way complete) of The Known World, feel free to come up with your own to be added to the record via the comments section. I'm looking at the two individuals that are co-authors of this blog.

-Firstmonth 1st (All): This holiday, The Day of Renewal, celebrates the opening of the new year.
-Firstmonth 1st (The New Empire, The Old Empire): This holiday, Remembrance Day, reminds citizens of the downfall of Kaleshmar and the dangerousness of sorcery and hubris.
-Secondmonth 3rd (Vyanthnem): This exuberant holiday, The Day of The King Undying, is the day the Silver King of the Vyanth elects to self immolate and reincarnate to symbolize his undying rule over his people.
-Fourthmonth 16th (Kusseth): This holiday, Loyalist Day, commemorates Kusseth's independence from The New Empire.
-Fourthmonth 16th (The New Empire): This holiday, The Day of Grievances, reminds citizens of the day the criminals, heretics, and mutants of the northwest colony slew their jailers and commited further crimes against The New Empire.
-Eighthmonth 27th (Kusseth): This holiday, The Day of Deep Darkness, reminds citizens of the opening of The Great Trench, and honors those that have died in the darkness over the years.
-Ninthmonth 11th-20th (Volungshemle): This holiday, The Week of Feasting, is the one week each year that all of Volung's Children return to their homeland and spend a week drinking, feasting, and bloodying each other's noses.
-Tenthmonth 3rd (Hell): This holiday, The Day of Unrelenting Vengeance, reminds citizens of Hell of the day that Cenn the Reaver conquered their city in the name of Kusseth.
-Eleventhmonth 11th (The Fallen Empire of Man): This holiday, The Day of Sorcerous Recognition, is a day of deep thought and respect where the Fallen take stock of themselves and the work they do and reflect upon the demands their arts place on them and the danger inherent in their practice.
-Twelfthmonth29th (All): This holiday, New Year's Eve, celebrates the ending of one year and the beginning of the next.


  1. I think that maybe you should make the day that Cenn died a holiday in the future. I will work on coming up with more, but this shit is hard, yo.

  2. The death of Cenn the Reaver is not a nationally recognized Kussethian holiday. Heh.