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Artifacts of Yofga

Like most DnD worlds, Hasta is home to several artifacts of great magical power. There are even a few that can be found on Yofga. The information presented here is factual in the sense that it is what people on Yofga believe about these objects. Whether or not it is factual in the sense that it is true information remains to be seen. Teehee.

The Adamant Armor
The Adamant Armor is a strange looking suit of black plate and chain. The suit of armor appears to be made of lightweight black material that is slightly reflective. Most of the armor is made of incredibly small rings that form a suit of chain mail. Over this chain mail are rounded, segmented plates of slightly reflective black material. The plates and chain are much more durable than the strongest iron or bronze found on Yofga, and much lighter than any material known to man or goliath.

The most obvious ability of The Adamant Armor is its durability. Blows that would shatter iron and slice through bronze with ease rebound off of The Adamant Armor with a dull thunk. The armor is also highly resistant to the elements, making long periods of desert travel almost easy. The Adamant Armor is also capable of shifting its size to accommodate wearer's of any size. This makes it much easier for wearer's to utilize their natural agility than more conventional suits of heavy armor.

The Blades of Bone and Flame
The Blades of Bone and Flame are four strange weapons that appear to be made of frozen fire and blackened bone. The weapons are poorly designed, with the charred black hafts and hilts having knobs and curves in them like bones leading to poor or unstable grips. The blades themselves are no better. One is reminiscent of a halberd, another an axe, the third as sort of scimitar, and the fourth a short stabbing blade. The blades do not conform to typical blade formations. They curve like fire leaping up from a bonfire and generate a minor amount of light and do not appear to be sharpened in any meaningful way. Ultimately, the weapons are heavy and poorly designed and take great skill to wield effectively, and even then, their poor balance and clumsy construction would work against their wielder.

What is known about The Blades of Bone and Flame is that they are hot. So hot that icy blasts of magic inflict minimal discomfort on their wielders. That same heat is deadly to most living things, and is capable of burning through most non-living things. Even creatures and objects supposedly immune to heat and fire cannot stand the touch of the flames of these weapons. It is known that even the wielder is not immune to the inferno these weapons possess. There are many stories of foolish or unskilled wielders attempting to take up one of these blades, only to inadvertently press the blades against themselves and be left as nothing more than smoking ash.

The Blood of Everlasting Spring
The Blood of Everlasting Spring is a very unremarkable looking item. Legends say that it is a simple glass flask or vial with a gemstone cap holding it closed. Within the glass container is a thick green fluid known as The Blood of Everlasting Spring.

Little is known about precisely how The Blood is used, but most tales speak of its wielders ingesting it or dripping it onto open wounds. Using The Blood offers extended life to those that are able to use it, though the precise extent of this ability varies in legends. The Blood also offers immunity to most of the toxins found among the beasts of the deep desert as well as offering near immunity to most diseases found in Yofga. One peculiarity of The Blood is that when those that use it draw near to the mighty lizards of the deep desert, dragons, the dragons are driven into an insatiable rage and will hunt the possessor of The Blood for weeks. The Blood seems to call to the dragons as well, drawing them from miles away. It should also be noted that if several dragons are drawn to The Blood and are unable to vent their rage and bloodlust on the possessor, they will pass the time rutting with one another until they are able to reach the wielder. There is one tale of a possessor of The Blood remaining safe from the dragons in a man-sized cave complex and hiding out there for so long that the dragons were able to send their hatchlings into the caves to devour him.

The Chalice of Balance
The Chalice of balance is a large silver goblet. The engravings and ornamentation on it are not particularly well done and do not exhibit much skill. The cup itself is very poorly shaped with an extremely large cup portion that appears to be larger in diameter than a goliath skull. This overly large portion is balanced by a very wide base. The rim of the cup portion of the chalice is also uneven with a portion protruding up from the front of the chalice almost like buck teeth. To the left and right of this protruding ridge on the cup portion of the goblet are two large, poorly cut, sapphires. The overall appearance of the goblet is that it is a big, heavy object of incredibly poor construction.

Little is known about the capabilities of the Chalice of Balance, but it is believed to be a defensive item. Stories say that poisons poured into it lose their potency, water poured in it gains restorative properties, and liquor poured within it inspires passion and poetry. It is believed that it can absorb energy attack such as bolts of lightning and blasts of fire, to generate a shield of energy that the holder can wield like a shield while he holds the chalice.

The Knucklebones of Summer
The Knucklebones of Summer are a pair of black knucklebones. The bones appear to be scorched and a much larger than those typically found on livestock or humans, perhaps of a size comparable to what might be found on a large goliath. The bones appear scorched and rub ash onto anything they come into contact with. Each of the Knucklebones is rough in shape, but it can be seen that they are vaguely tetrahedral and someone has at one point in the past carved numbers into the sides.

The individual that did the carving is likely dead at this point, due to his own idiocy due to the fact that The Knucklebones are not ideal for games of chance. Whenever they impact a surface with some degree of force, they emit an angry cracking noise and erupt into a violent explosion of flame and swirling ash.

The Rotting Teeth of Autumn
The Rotting Teeth of Autumn are a collection of ten objects that appear to be ten badly made arrowheads. These arrowheads range from three to five inches in length and look more like black talons or fangs than metal or stone arrowheads. The tips and edges curve, there are cracks and splits in them, and they all appear to have been broken off at the spot where they would be attached to the arrow shaft. Regardless of their innate power, the Teeth are perhaps the most poorly designed arrowheads ever discovered. They wobble in flight like drunken birds of prey and their range is abysmal when compared to traditional arrowheads, more often than not the arrowheads aren't even the part of the arrow that ends up striking the target, and the bindings used to attach them to arrow shafts and arrow shafts themselves both have a tendency to rot into ruin after prolonged exposure to the arrowheads.

For all their flaws, The Rotting Teeth of Autumn are undeniably powerful. They have a tendency to destroy any armor that prevents them from finding flesh. Metal armors begin rusting almost immediately, while leather rots and cloth crumbles into stringy trash. Living creatures struck by the arrowheads tend to die immediately, or lose limbs from a fast moving rot that stems from the wounds inflicted by the Teeth.

The Shadowblade
The Shadowblade is a sword that can be wielded easily in one or two hands. The blade is double edged and the whole of the weapon appears to be made from a solid piece of material with no fancy ornamentation on the hilt or blade. The weapon as a whole is a faded unreflective black color and appears semi-insubstantial.

The Shadowblade is supposedly capable of enveloping its wielder in a shadowy aura that makes its wielder resistant to the unrelenting glare of the sun as well as aiding in attempts at stealth. The Shadowblade's insubstantial nature makes it ideal for penetrating armor and physical defenses, but it also makes it an act of will to maintain a grip on the weapon. It also makes it impossible for the weapon to deal conventional damage to targets. The Shadowblade is capable of killing and damaging opponents, but the exact mechanics of these injuries are unknown. Those struck by the blade feel no real discomfort and they show no obvious wounds. They simply die after repeated blows from the weapon.

The Shield of Spring
The Shield of Spring is a buckler. Unlike more mundane bucklers, the Shield of Spring is not merely hardened leather over a wooden frame. Its construction is similar to regular bucklers, but over the hardened leather are a pattern of interlocking scales and a rim made of what is thought to be silver. The scales are smaller than an adult dragon's, but are larger than those of a healer. These scales are green in color, but the color has faded and the scales themselves appear cracked and worn in places.

The main ability that The Shield of Spring is know for is offering more physical protection from blows than even the toughest of heavy shields. Despite their cracked and worn appearance, the scales on the face of the shield turn blows quite well. It is also believed that it offers some protection from acidic substances like that found among the many predators of the deep desert, as well as some protection from heat.

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