Monday, November 4, 2013

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Daylight savings time is real fucking stupid. Are you kidding me? We believe we can change time? It was 2:00 AM, but now it is 1:00 AM? Somehow we've reversed the orbit of Earth around Sol, or at least slowed it enough that we gain an hour? Fuck you. Time is fucking meaningless. Time zones, daylight savings, leap years, Roman emperors just adding in months whenever they want, switching to the Gregorian calendar. These are the things we have done and do to the concept of time. It's no different than randomly deciding to throw a three week long season called Binglefuck in between fall and winter. If I did that, you would call me eccentric, then when I demanded everyone around me recognize its presence, you would call me crazy. Hell, or what if I decide that today I'm thirty-seven and that that is the age I will remain for the rest of my life? Oh, he died of a heart attack? That's so sad, he was only thirty-seven. Crazypants. Welcome to democracy in action, if enough people believe that time is different from one instant to the next, regardless of the fact that the mechanics of the universe are completely unchanged and refuse to recognize this "time change," time is different. 

Is now the part where I start ranting about sheeple being slaves to the man made concept of time? Jason, help me out here, I'm new to this. 

Anywhosen. So I'm doing this thing, and it is taking a lot of my normally blog/Pathfinder related energy. So there won't be a post from me for a week or two while I'm working on that. When it is all put together and whatnot, I'll post a link or something here and you can see what I'm up to. 


  1. Sheeple is the term you use for a social or political construct that the Man makes you use through keeping you ignorant of the truth. Therefore it doesn't apply to time because time is a completely different concept. There has to be an active conspiracy keeping "the TRUTH!" from coming to the surface.

    I recommend arguing using a half-baked interpretation of quantum mechanics and the 10 spatial dimention theory, Plancks, alternatives to the Base-10 numerical system, and the Hindu calander. That will complement your arguments