Monday, October 14, 2013

I Got Nothing

Ok, so normally on my weekends off I sit down and type my Monday blog post Sunday afternoon/evening. However, Eric needed my help moving some stuff, which took far longer than I expected it would. Then, after he helped me grab a dryer from my parent's house, I had to disconnect my broken one from the gas line, which is surprisingly complicated when the connector hose starts kinking so much that it starts pulling the gas line pipe down from the ceiling. Then, I had to tear apart a different broken dryer to get the power cord from it so I could fit it into the functioning one friends of my family gave me. This took me about two hours. I am tired, sweaty, and covered in spiderwebs and I have an hour and a half to come up with a post and I have no inspiration or energy. I apologize. Regular blogging will continue Friday.

Edit After the Fact: While we were carting my new dryer through the neighbor's side of the basement (I live in a duplex with a basement divided in half by a "wall" of particleboard that also has like a cellar door style exterior entrance on the neighbor's side) I noticed a condom lying on the floor. It was not in its packaging. It didn't look used, but I didn't investigate too closely, and still, condom out of its wrapping sitting in the middle of the floor in a basement. That's just weird.

Edit After the Fact #2: Shortly after posting this, a police officer knocked on my door asking if there had been a break in downstairs. When Eric and I got the dryer all situated, he carried the dolly up through the cellar door style entrance while I remained inside to lock and bolt the interior door on the neighbor's side (there's the ground level cellar door thing, a metal stairway, then the door to the basement). The neighbors were just getting home while Eric was ascending, so he said hi to them and they kind of snubbed him for some reason. Apparently, Eric did not shut the cellar door when he went up the exterior stairs, as when one of the neighbor's came home later in the evening she saw the exterior door leading to the basement wide open and called the police, our landlady, and her father. Because of the hypothetical break in that possibly occurred. Didn't go in the house to investigate. Did not add two plus two together and get four (she saw Eric exiting through the cellar door when she got home earlier and logical "math" would equate to him having forgotten to shut it, as we quickly drove away to move his stuff after he exited through the door). Nope, just called the police. Then came over and checked everything out instead of getting to work on time. Which she complained about while I was talking to her dad. But, you know, this is the basement she found an empty syringe, spoon, butane lighter, and rubber hose in one night that she thought was mine or my roommate's, because obviously none of her friends shoot up heroin while they come over to hang out. 

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