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I Hate You, Minecraft, and (Especially) Jason

This post was delayed because I kind of went on a cleaning frenzy of the apartment, and then had to do other unexpected and actually important stuff.

Oh look, pictures.

Oh really?

Oh, ok. That makes sense. 

This place looks familiar... It's the north side of the tower. That's the Goebleen barracks on the left, beyond it you can kind of see the soldier barracks. The tower is straight ahead on the little road. On the right side of the screen is the dual smithy. 

The signage here is oddly straightforward.

Interior of the dual smithy. The corner we see here is repeated in the corner on the left of the screen. That's an armor stand to the left of the door. You can place suits of armor on it for display. That's a row of barrels on the right edge of the screen.


Interior of the Goebleen barracks. It's pretty cramped. Technically, this place (and the rest of the area around the tower) should be a sludge pile of mud after Andorian battered the area with his schizophrenic hail-lightning-rain storm for a day and a half. There are a few more beds beyond the left and right sides of the picture. I think it fits about sixteen or seventeen Goebleen. Directly ahead at the other end of the barracks is a ladder leading to a storage chamber full of barrels and chests and such. Pretend I took you there and it was an exciting journey. 

This place has seen better days, not gonna lie. It's mostly burned, or at least scorched. The roof is basically pure charcoal. 

A little workstation for a little explosion happy Alchemist. That's a cauldron on the right, along with a brewing stand next to it. Beyond the left edge of the screen is a little bookshelf where Gob puts all of his formulas, and lewd drawings of Asosans, Giants, and various farm animals. 

Interior of the barracks. Fairly standard. The door on the far end leads to a passage that leads to a bathroom. There is a ladder in the far left corner that leads up to the roof. 

The bathroom, with a conveniently placed bar of soap above the tub. The hole on the lower left corner is the actual "toilet" and I spent way too much time filling the hole with liquid sewage. It's a liquid added by a mod that can be processed in a composter when extracted from farm animals and turned into industrial fertilizer. I considered giving the tub actual running water but decided it would take way too much redstone. On the right side you can see the passage that leads through to the hireling's residence. The soldier's barrack and hireling's residence are connected to the same bathroom, but they are separate structures. 

The hireling residence, obviously. I wanted to show the front, rather than do a picture of a featureless stone passage. The hireling residence and soldier barracks are directly east of the tower. 

Interior of the hireling residence. It has five beds and whatnot for the five hirelings (three smiths, a cook, and a quartermaster. The door on the far left leads through to a passage that leads to the shared bathroom. 

This is the east side of the tower, as seen from the front door of the hireling residence. That's a well on the left of the screen, you can also see the stable and smithy attached to the tower. I'm not going to do a screenshot of the front of the stable, but there is a little water trough to the right of the front door. The right side of the screen is a corner of the soldier barracks. 

Signage, it says things. The Goebleen use this place to feed themselves, so they're not a drain on the group's finances like all the pirate followers are. Such foresight, imagine what Gob could accomplish if he wasn't a dumb smelly Goebleen like Eran says he is. As fascinating as the interior is, I'm not going to give a tour. There are mushrooms, probably a creeper ready to explode, and there is no light. This cave is a ways south of the tower directly from the side of the stable.

Interior of the stable. To the right, you can see tools and saddles and barrels and whatnot. On the left, you can see a wooden stall, the wall just beyond the right edge of the picture has three more stalls. The ladder next to the support logs leads up into the loft, where a single, lonely Goebleen sits (when they're in the tower) prepared with a water bucket to douse the lantern if it ignites the barn. The mods I have installed use Minecraft 1.5.2. If this were Minecraft 1.6.x, I'd throw actual horses into the stalls. 

The smithy attached to the tower. The far right door leads outside and the one you can kind of see on the left leads into the tower. This is basically a repeat of the previously seen dual smithy. 

It's the outhouse. There's a hatch and a hole to drop your leavings in. Just like the last one seen, I spent way too much time filling the pit with sewage. The outhouse kind of sits on the southwest corner of the tower, right behind the stable. 

The front door of the tower. There's kind of a shadow at the base of the door on the road, it's a special pressure plate that is invisible to players that do not place it and is also silent when activated. Normal pressure plates click quite audibly when stepped on. I've used a lot of them so I don't have to place levers and buttons on the walls next to all the iron and reinforced doors I've put in the place. In previous editions of the map, the tower itself had a mossy or cracked texture on some of the stone bricks. I've opted to skip this detail this time, as I built the main structure of the tower with a device called a filler that lets you place land marks to outline a space and then places or removes blocks in a pattern you specify when powered. It was a lot easier than placing every block by click to build the exterior walls of the tower.

The first floor of the tower. On the far end you can see the pseudo-kitchen. Racked on the wall are a frying pan, cleaver, and knife. On the far wall are two doors leading to the bedrooms Karl had constructed on the west side of the tower. We can't see it because of the stairs on the right side of the picture, but there is a stove built into the stairs with a ventilation hood and pipe leading out to the exterior. On the other side of the counter is a hatch that leads below the first floor to the storage space. It's full of chests, barrels, and kegs of Kussethian potato rum. I'm not going to show you a screenshot, but pretend it was another exciting journey through a cramped space with poor lighting that was full of storage objects.

This is the second floor, formerly a barracks. Currently, all of Karrak and Karl's followers and cohorts live in the soldier's barracks and the five hirelings live in the hireling residence. As far as I know, no one has done anything with this floor. On the far left side, concealed from our view by the excessive amount of storage lockers and bunk beds are doors leading to the two rooms Karl added to the west side of the second floor. As far as I know, there was no internal stairway constructed for the four new rooms, so they're just attached to the floor they're built on. 

One of the four additional bedrooms Karl had constructed in the event Vanden does decide to have some of his other agents lay low at the tower. The door from the tower is behind us and the door on the right side of the screen leads to the restroom the two rooms on this floor share. The bathroom is basically just a shared shaft  that goes from the second floor to the first, and then down into the earth. Again, time, sewage, etc. Sigh. 

This is the third floor, the bedroom of the PCs. It's obviously a little roomier with a few more comforts. There's a bookshelf over there for Karl, and I've placed some trophies from the group's adventures on the walls. 

I had to use the items I had at my disposal to represent the trophies. I think you get the idea though.

This is the fourth floor of the tower, the armory. I've placed armor stands with chain mail suits on them, because the tower is stocked with enough suits of iron chain mail for thirty people, minus however many are currently equipped by Karrak's followers. The racks on the right side of the screen hold longbows. Currently, I have no spears to put in them, as the tower had spears and longbows when the guys claimed it from the Asosans, so I threw in some iron swords. I'm considering using a mod that adds some variety to Minecraft's weapon selection and includes katanas, throwing knives, crossbows, spears, javelins, flintlock pistols/rifles, and cannons. You can place the cannons in the world and they would look really cool atop the tower I think. We'll see. The ladder on the far end of the picture leads up to the roof. I'm not going up there. It looks like the top of the tower.

Oh look, a chunk loading error south of the tower. 

One last shot of the whole mess from the north. Man, I never get tired of those fucking smokestacks. The blocks that create the particles are one of my favorite blocks in the modded game. 

So yeah. That is Fort Jagged Tooth v3.0. I had a lot of fun building it this time. It's something I've wanted to do since I started playing modded Minecraft. The mods give me so many options for building things, and new blocks like the smoking blocks I built into smokestacks over the smithies give me so much creative freedom. Additionally this texture pack I'm using is really pretty and stuff. This Minecraft map is a flat world, so there are no mountains or forests or oceans to get in the way of building if/when the guys expand further. 

You might not have noticed, but things are a bit bigger than the last tower I built. In Minecraft, each block is 1 meter, which translates to 3.3 feet if I remember correctly. Building things based on this block size made the interior of every creative build project I constructed feel cramped and overly full. In this revision of the fort, I've arbitrarily decided that each block is 2.5 feet. I built with this in mind to give myself the illusion of more space when constructing 20 ft. x 20 ft. x 10 ft. rooms (normally 7 x 7 x 3 blocks, but now 8 x 8 x 4 blocks). I also did it because it isn't such a huge change that all the furniture and blocks look overly tiny in comparison to their surroundings. 

I've already shared it with Jason, and I don't know that anyone else who I game with plays Minecraft, but if anyone wants a save of the world or anything, let me know. 

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