Friday, June 21, 2013

Moar "Steampunk"

Alright, so I have to be honest here. Talking about steampunk really started to get the juices flowing and I started to peruse some magic items and stuff and I may have taken a look through some of my GURPS Steampunk and Steamtech books and such before writing this post. I haven't really copied anything from the GURPS books, but they have given some ideas regarding flavor. I have no desire to add Martian peroxide pistols to my game or add in androids. I've already got clockwork cybernetics and analytical engines and such. I've also got trains and airships and ironclad ships propelled by screws and such. So, with no more delay, here's some more "steampunk" gear from my campaign world.

Name: Atmospheric Filtration Mask
Price: 3,000 marks
Description: This device is essentially a thick leather hood filled with padding and sealed with rubber. There are two thick lenses in the front of the mask and a large filter and heavy duty rubber hose coming from the mouth portion of the mask. The neck portion of the hood is designed to seal around the neck of the wearer and is fitted with thick padding to ensure a tight fit. Please do not operate the atmospheric filtration mask while under the effects of mind altering substances to avoid accidental strangulation. The manufacturer is in no way responsible for death or injury that results from ignoring this warning. 
Effect: Using cleverly designed filters built into the mask, the atmospheric filtration mask is able to filter out harmful airborne toxins and chemicals, making the wearer immune to harmful vapors, gases, and inhaled poisons. 
Drawback: Because of the thickness of the leather hood and the thick lenses, the wearer gains a -1 penalty on vision and hearing based Perception checks. Additionally, the rubber seals and filters of the mask are extremely vulnerable to warping due to heat damage and shrinking and expansion due to temperature changes. Any time the wearer fails a saving throw vs. a damage dealing cold or fire effect, the mask gains the broken condition and will no longer function until repaired. 
Craft Skill/DC: Craft (Leatherworking)/20.
Magic Version: Necklace of Adaptation.

Name: Aural Discomforter
Price: 13,250 marks
Description: This large tuba-like device of shining brass and a dizzying array of keys and tubes that channel sound requires two hands to hold its hefty, and awkward, 20 lb. weight. When blown, it creates a very discomforting and distressing noise, despite sounding similar to traditional horns. This cruel instrument was created by the Bardic Colleges of Kusseth in an attempt to find what they refer to as the elusive "brown note" and for all intents and purposes, they seem to have achieved that which they sought.
Effect: When played with a standard action, the aural discomforter emits a 90 ft. cone of noise and vibration. The vibration causes great distress to living creatures that possess functioning gastrointestinal tracts, and they must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or suffer the nauseated condition for 1d4 rounds.  It should be noted that despite its malicious purpose, the aural discomforter can be utilized as a normal horn with the Performance (Wind Instrument) skill. The brown note use of this device cannot be combined with traditional musical use or the performance abilities of a Bard, or similar abilities. 
Drawback: If the GM determines that a nearby surface or area would reflect or cause the sound of the aural discomforter to echo, it affects the blower as well as anyone behind him as the GM deems appropriate. 
Craft Skill/DC: Craft (Musical Instrument)/25.
Magic Version: None.

Name: Barron Vibratory Second Story Assistant
Price: 160 marks
Description: This hollow cylinder is a marvel of aural technology and the locksmith's art. Using a series of  tuning knobs and a small clapper attached to the cylinder, the device can emit a tone inaudible to normal ears, but capable of vibrating the fine mechanisms of a lock.  
Effect: When the clapper is struck against the cylinder, a inaudible tone is emitted from the assistant  that causes a vibration that provides a +6 circumstance bonus on Disable Device checks made to open locks, but not bolts or bars or any other sort of locking mechanism, determining what constitutes a "lock" is up to the GM. 
Drawback: Any roll of a natural one while attempting to open a lock results in a wildly inappropriate tone and vibration, which jams the lock and makes further mundane opening techniques with Disable Device impossible. Additionally, while the tones of the device are inaudible to most humanoids and animals, it is strikingly attractive to night fowl (and provides a +6 circumstance bonus on Handle Animal checks with all breeds of night fowl) and may potentially draw a flock of them to the user of the device while in the midst of lock repair. 
Craft Skill/DC: Craft (Locksmithing) or Craft (Musical Instrument)/20
Magic Version: Chime of Opening.

Name: Brasscoat Heavy Assault Lightning Driven Armor
Price: Not available for legal sale anywhere, but theoretically 98,550 marks. 
Description: This massive suit of armor is the epitome of modern armorsmithing. Essentially a suit of wolf-iron full plate fitted with a system of actuators and electrical cabling, not only does this suit provide the pinnacle of physical protection in combat, it also enhances the wearer's strength, is reliably resilient in the face of firearms, and is capable of utilizing the steam turbine engine on its back to fire bolts of lightning at range. This suit of armor is used exclusively by Kusseth's Brasscoats, and they cover the dull gray color of the wolf-iron armor with highly polished brass plating. It is from this titan of personal protection that the Brasscoats take their name. 
Armor/Shield Bonus: +14
Maximum Dexterity Bonus: +1
Armor Check Penalty: -6 (-12)
Spell Failure Chance: 40%
Type: Advanced Heavy
Speed (30 ft./20 ft.): 20 ft./15 ft.
Weight: 100 lbs.
Special Qualities/Upgrades: Custom fit, flawless quality, masterwork, wolf-iron.
Effect: While the suit is powered with its steam turbine in full operation, the wearer gains a +6 enhancement bonus to Strength, ignores the armor check penalty of the suit (except on Stealth checks, see below), and does not factor the suit's weight into encumbrance calculations. Additionally, whether powered or unpowered, because of the armor's thickness, high quality of manufacture, and primary composition of wolf-iron and more wolf-iron, firearms do not resolve their attacks as touch attacks against characters wearing this armor and characters wearing the armor have damage reduction 3/-. In the same vein, the thickness and high quality of the armor offer a 50% chance to convert sneak attacks (and similar abilities) and critical hits into normal strikes against the wearer. Because of the electrical current and special grounding rods built into the vambraces of the armor, a wearer may elect to power down his suit for one round and fire a bolt of lightning as a full round action. The suit becomes unpowered till the start of the wearer's next turn. The lightning bolt deals 5d6 electrical damage to anything in its path in a 120 ft. line with a DC 15 Reflex save for half damage. 
Drawback: While powered, the suit doubles its armor check penalty in regards to Stealth checks and the wearer and all characters within 60 ft. of the wearer suffer a -4 penalty to hearing based Perception checks. If the armor gains the broken condition, it becomes unpowered until repaired. It takes 5 minutes to don or remove this armor and an additional 2 minutes to get the turbine running enough to power the armor.
Craft Skill/DC:  Craft (Armorsmithing) or Craft (Electrical)/30.
Magic Version: +5 wolf-iron full plate with custom fit and masterwork upgrades and moderate fortification ability, Belt of Giant Strength +6, Wand of Lightning Bolt

Name: Fall Defense Linens
Price: 1,475 marks
Description: This 25 (?) pound backpack and harness consists of tightly packed and folded silk (despite the device's name) attached via heavy rope to the backpack it is packed in. When falling, whether intentionally or otherwise, a specific cord is pulled to release the silk to arrest the descent. 
Effect: When the cord is pulled as a swift action, the silk within the backpack deploys as a large shroud and slows the fall of a character to 60 ft. per round. When calculating damage from the fall, calculate it as if the character fell or jumped from a height of 60 ft., rather than the actual height he jumped or fell from. Additionally, a successful DC 15 Acrobatics check converts the first 2d6 of fall damage to nonlethal damage instead of only the first 1d6. (So to calculate damage, the fall damage should be 6d6 lethal damage. If the character makes a DC 15 Acrobatics check, it converts 2d6 to nonlethal, if he jumped and didn't fall, another 1d6 is nonlethal, and if he lands on a yielding surface, this converts another 1d6 to nonlethal damage. This makes for 4d6 nonlethal damage and 2d6 lethal damage and on average dealing a total of 7 points of actual hit point damage with an average of 14 nonlethal damage sitting there until resolved instead of taking an average of 21 lethal damage.)
Drawback: None, because that'd be just mean. 
Craft Skill/DC: Craft (Weaving)/18.
Magic Version: Ring of Feather Falling

Name: KMT RDHSR Mark 1
Price: 20,000 marks
Description: This bulky revolver constructed by Kussethian Military Technologies has a larger cylinder and larger caliber ammunition than other KMT firearms. The firearm's cylinder and barrel are built onto grooves in the frame, allowing it to recoil back and use the weapon's own force in a marvelous fashion to cock the hammer back between shots, allowing for a much more rapid rate of fire than traditional methods, such as fanning the hammer or using one's thumb. 
Damage: 1d8
Critical: 20/x4
Range: 30 ft.
Misfire: 1-2
Capacity: 8
Weight: 3 lbs.
Type: B and P
Special Qualities/Upgrades: Advanced, masterwork.
Effect: Any time the character makes a full attack action using the KMT RDHSR Mark 1, he may make an additional attack with it. This attack uses the character's full base attack bonus and any appropriate modifiers. 
Drawback: Due to its excessive number of moving components, when it gains the broken condition it becomes completely inoperable. 
Craft Skill/DC: Craft (Gunsmithing)/25.
Magic Version: A large revolver with the speed weapon ability.

Name: Mechanized Strength Assist Armor
Price: 4100 marks
Description: This suit of thick leather armor is fitted with a series of metal actuators and braces that enclose most of the wearer's body and enhance his physical strength. The armor is fed power and pressure by means of a (relatively) small steam engine built into the back of the suit.
Armor/Shield Bonus: +3
Max Dex Bonus: +1
Armor Check Penalty: -4 (-8)
Spell Failure Chance: 35%
Type: Advanced Medium
Speed (30 ft./20 ft.): 20 ft./15 ft.
Weight: 75 lbs.
Special Qualities/Upgrades: Custom fit, masterwork.
Effect: While the suit is powered with its steam engine in full operation, the wearer gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength, ignores the armor check penalty of the suit (except on Stealth checks, see below), and does not factor the suit's weight into encumbrance calculations. 
Drawback: While powered, the suit doubles its armor check penalty in regards to Stealth checks and the wearer and all characters within 60 ft. of the wearer suffer a -4 penalty to hearing based Perception checks. If the armor gains the broken condition, it becomes unpowered until repaired. It takes 5 minutes to don or remove this armor and an additional 1 minute to get the steam engine running enough to power the armor. 
Craft Skill/DC:  Craft (Armorsmithing)/25.
Magic Version: Studded leather armor with the masterwork and custom fit upgrades and a Belt of Giant Strength +2.

Name: Reverse Spectrum Goggles
Price: 8,000 marks
Description: These goggles seal tightly to the face of the wearer via a leather cinch and possess thick lenses of dark crystal. The crystal is treated with special chemical baths that allow it to reverse the spectrum of light in the area while worn. 
Effect: While wearing the goggles, the wearer gains 60 foot darkvision. 
Drawback: While wearing the goggles, the wearer has the light sensitivity trait (dazzled in areas of bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell). 
Craft Skill/DC: Craft (Lensmaking) or Craft (Glassmaking)/25.
Magic Version: Goggles of Night.

Name: Spring Assisted Athletic Boots
Price: 1750 marks
Description: These boots possess an extra thick rubber sole of several inches and a fine leather exterior and extend up to mid calf on most humanoids. The thick sole is hollow, and within it is a series of springs of tightly coiled springsteel, enabling the wearer to leap with significantly greater ability when the spring system is activated. 
Effect: When the spring system in the soles of the boots are activated as a standard action via a button concealed in the rear of each heel, the wearer of the boots gains a +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks made to jump.
Drawback: Unfortunately, the ungainly size of the boot soles makes walking  and non-jumping feats of agility more difficult, and imparts a -1 to all Acrobatics skill checks, including jumping. The penalty to jumping does not apply when the boots are activated. 
Craft Skill/DC: Craft (Blacksmithing) or Craft (Cordwaining)/20.
Magic Version: Boots of Striding and Springing.

Name:  Steam Driven Velocipede
Medium Land Vehicle
Squares: 1
Price: 5,000 marks
AC: 10
Hardness: 10
HP: 20 (8)
Base Save: +0
Maximum Speed: 200 ft.
Acceleration: 40 ft.
CMB: +0
CMD: 10
Ramming Damage: 1d6
Description: This marvelous two-wheeled contraption developed by the Kussethian engineering firm of Sylvesterenel and Rowe'per consists of a heavy duty iron bicycle frame with larger than normal tires and an enhanced braking system. Instead of a muscle powered chain to perform locomotive functions, the device features a single cylinder steam engine capable of propelling the vehicle at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (on a relatively stable and straight surface).
Propulsion: Alchemical (steam)
Driving Check: Craft (Alchemy) or Profession (Driver).
Forward Face: Front end.
Driving Device: Handlebars (equivalent of a steering wheel).
Driving Space: The square of the vehicle.
Decks:  None.

Hehe, aural discomforter. Also, the steam driven velocipede is a real thing. For serious

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