Friday, May 24, 2013

God's Eye View of Hekinoe Part 3

The Goebleen King and his brother scowl at a hastily written missive from their sons and nephews, respectively. The King gestures and a brown skinned Goebleen, much taller and much more burly than his grey skinned cousins, literally peels itself off of a patch of shadow and kneels before the King and his brother. The brown Goebleen's shadow remains standing. Words are exchanged between the three and the brown Goebleen nods and puts a fist over his heart and returns to the shadow, disappearing. The King looks at his brother and the witch shrugs.

The reluctant and irritable Briar King, and his consort, gaze across the desert sands and the massing Sereth. The king, black haired with one eye red and the other green, scowls at them and mutters irritable words in a language that bears no resemblance to Serevish. His consort laughs and slugs the king's shoulder. A smirk tugs at the king's lips, but his scowl returns as three Sereth riflemen approach. The king growls and brings a hand up the the vertical crescent shaped scar on his brow and itches at it. One of the Sereth, this one aged and worn and scoured by desert sands, bows to the king and his consort then speaks and gestures at the other two. The two riflemen approach and the king and his consort exchange words. The consort gives a weary nod and steels himself visibly and makes a gesture at the two younger riflemen. The riflemen disappear as the consort clutches his chest and slumps to the sands, pale and shaking. The king goes immediately to his side, screaming obscenities at the elder Sereth. The Sereth approaches the king to offer aid and the king turns to face him, both eyes as red as the blood oozing from the re-opened scar upon his brow. The Sereth retreats, leaving the king to care for his weakened consort. 

Brasscoats hiss and thump their way into battle against the Giants. Each warrior is a shiny, brass colored, almost giant of metal and sparking electricity and steam. Each one holds the power of a storm in their hands and their armor renders them as strong as the Giants. The battle is fierce, and the field ringed with the smoke of gunfire and grenades, but the Brasscoats are the ones left standing and smoking cigarettes at the end of it.

The Underlox run screaming through the armies of Panthermen, Trolls, and Cinder Ghosts, and the massed armies quickly realize the Underlox have not surfaced to make war on Ieanegatniv, they have surfaced to flee something in the depths. The Moon Clans, seeing this, retreat higher into their mountains. The two Elduman brothers staring at the skeleton of their red-eye father ignore these events and continue brooding in their tower. 

The king of the Aubernel scowls at the leader of one of the larger Sarownel clans. Sarownel howl and rage as they circle around the king of the Aubernel and his mountain-kin knights. The Aubernel are unfazed. Words are exchanged by the leaders and the Sarownel clan leaders cackles in laughter and howls for his minions to attack. The king of the Aubernel smirks and fire rains down on the Sarownel. When the ash clears and the screams end, the king of the Aubernel and his knights head deeper into the Wastelands. 

The Silver King reclines on his silver throne hurling a ball of solid silver studded with gemstones into the air and catching it as it falls. The leader of his Silver Knights kneels before him. The Silver King speaks and gestures vaguely towards the northeast, his knight nods and asks a question. The Silver King smiles and gestures at the ball he hurls into the air and the decanter of alcohol next to his throne. The knight smirks and nods, then rises and leaves his king to his business. 

A red-eye father and son duel savagely in the tomb of their red-eyed ancestor. Sorcery and psionic power flares as the two Elduman clash, their swords whirling and smashing against armor and the crystalline bones beneath faux-flesh. Sorcery warps and twists the air while psionics augments the defenses and blows of the father. From outside the screams of madmen and the clash of battle rings out, mirroring the battle of the father and son. 

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