Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Heroes: Avenger Series - Iron Man

Here is the second post for the Avenger Series of Super Heroes. This week, I will be focusing on Iron Man. Keep in mind that this is a Steampunk version of him, I will try to make this fun and try not to break rules. There may be some slight bending...

Ant'ony J.L. Starx

Ant'ony was a big time Fell Human businessman who supported Kusseth in the Rebellion of Meroteth. His family was very rich and dealt in special steam driven armors, but since he supported Kusseth, he was taken prisoner and made into a Fell Souless. Still having an abundance of wealth available to him, he was able to make a special suit of steam driven armor to wreak havoc once in a while. His high attributes would be Intelligence for crafting and skill points and he would get bonuses to Strength and Dex through his race and suffer a Con reduction. Something like a 16 in Str, 12 in Dex, 10 in Con, 16 in Int, 12 in Wis and a 12 in Chr.

That last paragraph was a lot more explain-y than originally intended.

Anyway, on with it: he would be a Fighter with the archtype Armor Master which would allow him to gain better damage reduction and a better AC (it would have to be adamantine armor for this to work, however, I think wolf-iron is it's equivalent) . He would specialize in unarmed combat because his hand would be made of metal (it is a feat in Hekinoe for this race) and also have the feat for boiler belly (just to hand wave him running the suit off of his body, sort of like the original Tony Start and his arc reactor).

In the campaign book there is steam powered armor, but since I have no idea what the advanced version of this does (it has been hinted that there is one, but Steve never specifies) I would just say he has the run of the mill steam powered armor that is ran from his belly instead of a huge boiler on his back. It would be made of wolf-iron allowing him more of a damage reduction (if it works with Armor Master he would have a DR 12/-) as well as from the regular fighter class ability which allows you to reduce armor check penalties to a total of +4, so a +5 in this suit of armor (not that it would matter to much, he has only a 12 in Dex).

To sort of go with the whole "weaponized armor" feel you get from Iron-Man, he would have a dragon spitter mounted under one arm. He would have a backpack full of the chemical for the spitter on his back and that is a decent reason for him to not have a boiler. On his opposite arm he would have a lightning gun emitter which is also ran from his boiler belly. Firing this would for one round render the armor unpowered, making him slightly more vulnerable.

Skills? Yep, he would spend every point possible on (Craft) steam powered armor, armor, steam powered weapons, exotic weapon making, armor crafting, weapon crafting and Knowledge Engineering.

I think that is the best I can do for now. I really can't come up with a good reason for the suit to fly (or him) at the moment. I think if there was a disposable part of the armor (maybe a small part on the chest piece) that he would have someone cast Mage Armor on it (sort of like the energy shield he uses in the comics). I don't know... Thoughts?

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