Friday, December 28, 2012

Phil Spiderman: Adventurer

(Phonetically, that should sound like Fill Spidermun)

So Eric and I were talking the other day about Spiderman and how player characters and heroes in DnD are basically the fantasy equivalent of superheroes. We got to talking and decided to come up with Spiderman in DnD terms.

Race, not sure. Drow seems most appropriate, heh. Probably anything would work though, as most of the character's abilities would need to be loot based. Obviously, something with a Dexterity bonus would help. For the purposes of this part of the post, we'll be talking about basing it on gear. Primarily gear of a magical nature.

Class-wise, I think Monk is the best bet. Spiderman does a lot of jumping and acrobatic things along with some lurking about, and Monks can do that. However, Monks have a bunch of supernatural abilities, and Spiderman does not. So we use the Martial Artist archetype, which focuses on punching people, which Spiderman does do from time to time. With proper feat selection you can make a pretty good mobile combatant, and the flurry of blows can simulate Spiderman's agility a bit. The only problem I see right off that bat is that Spiderman is a quip guy, always with the one liners and jokes. So Bluff might be an appropriate skill for him to have, and Monks do not have it as a class skill. Oh well, you can still make jokes in dialogue without ranks in Bluff, and Bluff is more about deceit anyways. His quick wit and humor would need to be role-played. Unless you want to be lame and do something like make Perform (One-Liners) checks during a fight instead of talking.

Rogue could also work, and you'd get more skill points to put into stuff that Spiderman does. However, you'd need to take the improved unarmed fighting feat from my world and Tome of Battle, and also my Unarmored Combatant feat, to simulate Spiderman's punchiness and lack of armor. Uncanny Dodge and Evasion would also be very fitting for him to have, as they could simulate his spidy sense. Actually, looking at the Rogue, it makes a lot more sense than the Monk. Rogue Talents like Expert Leaper, Ledge Walker, Nimble Climber, Peerless Maneuver, Positioning Attack, Rope Climber, Wall Scramble, Defensive Roll, and Improved Evasion are all super fitting abilities for Spiderman to possess.  Much more fitting than flurry of blows and that sort of thing.

Ok, so with that Rogue stuff, we have Spiderman's agility and flippy bounce around stuff. What are we lacking? Super strength, web shooters, and wall clinging. Since Spiderman is known for webbing his foes up, the first step is tanglefoot bags. They cost 50 gold a pop, so it might be prudent to take ranks in Craft (Alchemy) to make your own, like Spiderman does in most incarnations. The easiest way to make him strong in Pathfinder is to just give him lots of Strength (which is impractical because if you spend points on Strength, you're not spending them on Dexterity), or use a Belt of Giant Strength. Slippers of Spider Climbing can duplicate his wall crawling, if poorly, as they are only limited to 10 minutes total per day with a minimum of 1 minute of usage per use, so that's not optimal. A more practical way of achieving it would be a wand of spider climb, but that is 4500 gold and each charge would only grant a half hour of spider climbing. You could keep a pile of spider climb scrolls on you as well, but that is cheaper in the short term only. Honestly, I'm not sure how to get the wall clinging ability beyond these methods. There's probably a magic boot or glove or something somewhere that'll handle it, but I don't know where it is. 

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a perfect build by any means, but it is a good starting off point. I'm looking at d20pfsrd and there are definitely a few Rogue archetypes that would suit a Spiderman build. As would the 3.5 prestige class Thief-Acrobat. I dunno, it was just a silly little discussion and this is what I ended up coming up with. I suppose you could also try some sort of Magus or Sorcerer build to duplicate the loot abilities, that way you're not relying on expensive gear. Magi have access to both web and spider climb, so that's a pretty solid chunk of Spiderman's capabilities right there. 

I dunno, whatever. 

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