Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scotch and Kittens

Let's not make this awkward, I'll just lay it out on the table, it is entirely possible that I may have taken an unplanned break from the blog due to general weariness with life. Whoopsie. Not going to lie, things may have gotten out of hand in my personal life for a moment. There was a girl, she had...problems. There may have been an incident involving half of a fifth of vodka and a knife, among other, far darker, things. There was another girl, a betrayal of sorts, and some other stuff. But now I have kittens! As adorable as they are, they don't pay any fucking rent, which is irritating. One likes to sit on my shoulder and sleep while I play video games, which isn't irritating. She's a fatty though, so this situation is rapidly becoming impractical.

So for a while there, I was breaking down the Psychogenic Fugue Arc of The Known World because I had quit gaming for the time being. That didn't last terribly long, and now we're gaming again, but we didn't continue the Psychogenic Fugue Arc campaign. I'll get to that later.

I ceased efforts on the blog portion of breaking the arc down because Jeremy and Eric expressed very strong interest in doing some sort of conclusion to the arc. Something to put a final cap on the campaign. I'm not going to lie, that was something I was excited about. It has been going...wellish. I mean, it is fairly simple, I pose a few questions to the group and they respond. The rules are that if more people desire to do something than don't, it happens. There are no long drawn out discussions or back and forth allowed. It has worked out nicely at times, Jeremy discovered something interesting about D'alton, and the group found out some very interesting things about A'lst and Hekinoe.

My goal is not simply to do Q&A with the guys, I would like a few situations to have actual scenarios to go with them, even if it is just a single battle or something. I don't know how we would manage the logistics of it, as Fred and I have the opposite weekends off, and Eric has minimal time off on my weekends off as well.

Pause for a moment while I wallow in a scotch soaked sigh of sadness which is rapidly replaced by scotch fueled anger. That weird, directionless rage that periodically creeps up on me since the divorce is still lingering, though it is less directionless lately. Heh. Moving along.

The email communications seem to move slowly and at times I have been forced to skip allowing people to have their turn to respond simply to move things along. We're only on question number ten and we have been bouncing emails back and forth between the five of us for almost two months. I dunno, I'd really like it if we were making faster progress, but that would necessitate me being fairly draconian with time limits, and since it is the story of Eric, Fred, Jeremy, and Lance, I hate to cut people off without giving them an opportunity to get their ten cents in, as that is the entire purpose of this exercise.

I guess I'll keep at it for the time being, at least until interest drops of completely, or I become more draconian in my responsibilities as the shepherd guiding this flock.

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  1. I think everyone's replied, I know Galvan is waiting to hear what happens when he reports in.