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I'll be honest, I'm not sure what to write about next for Hekinoe. I would like some input from you guys. So please, enter some questions, or something, into the comment section. Give me an idea about how to proceed with breaking down the Psychogenic Fugue arc. I have some ideas about what to write about, but it is like end game stuff where Derf hunts himself down and becomes one with the Source and becomes a prince of the universe with the blood of kings within him and whatnot. Heh, sometimes I really miss Tony playing DnD.

To continue. So, I've been thinking about starting to play DnD again since I am unable to attend my company's paramedic program this year. Since I intend on signing up for it next year, I am hesitant to do anything with Hekinoe. I really don't want to get into something deep and plot heavy and have to stop mid stream like we have just recently. I mean, I am enjoying breaking the arc down and filling the guys in on details, but I would have liked for it to happen more organically through play rather than through a series of rambling articles on my blog. 

One of the things I have been considering is running 1st Edition AD&D, something "classic" like The Village of Homlett/Temple of Elemental Evil, or White Plume Mountain or The Tomb of Horrors. Something old-fuck-school. Another part of me wants to create some fairly formulaic high-ish fantasy setting and just play some AD&D rules as is in my own world. Part of the reason for that is that I am jealous of this dude named Alexis that writes on The Tao of D&D.

I used to read the blog semi-religiously, however, I don't really care for what I perceive as the writer's arrogance. He is very eloquent and has a lot of cool ideas though. My jealousy stems from the fact that he has been playing AD&D for multiple decades, to the point where he no longer plays AD&D because he has made the rules into something that fits his style and his player's style through various house rules and tweaks to the system. He took TSR's product and over a decade or two has turned it into something that is his, rather than theirs. I would love to do something similar. Every time a new edition comes out, I end up eventually turning to it, make a few tweaks here and there, but never anything truly game changing. We played 4th Edition for so short a time I don't think I actually changed anything from the rules as written.

I dunno, I just think it'd be cool to take something and turn it into my own thing. I think it would also be cool to play something rules light and goof around with THAC0 again. Also, Wizards is rereleasing special editions of the 1st Edition AD&D PHB, DMG, and Monster Manual in April and I want to own them. 

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  1. I will cut you if you use THAC0.

    I imagine that if you wanted to get into Hekinoe again, that it would be easier to start with new characters and play style everyone can agree upon. Who says it can't be more high fantasy, and not a deep dark plot-line?

    I would use some bits of advice Chris Perkins had and get 2-3 arcs in your head and see what the players bite at, and work it form there. It also give you a chance to let the arcs that the players didn't pick become bigger and more challenging problems.

    My 2 cents. Maybe more later...