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Traith Harris From The Campaign Book

More character stats from the campaign book. I won't be spamming them here. Some of them, like Nakmander, will only ever appear in the campaign book, if only because I don't want to give away the whole cow, or something. I dunno, here is Traith Harris at his current level of power. 

Traith Harris was a somewhat renowned senior warden in the city of Kusseth. Traith is well known in the southern districts of Kusseth City, primarily as a door breaker and shootist. His guns are of Abraxen manufacture, and have been known to blow limbs off of Soulless with little trouble.

Traith Harris started life on the streets of Kusseth City, in a youth gang, like many of his age. He was originally associated with a youth gang that served a brothel, one supposedly run by one of his relatives. This brothel existed under the auspices of the bardic colleges and many of its employees and patrons were bards, including the Fell Human madam that ran it. This initial association with brothels and the bardic colleges did cause some difficulty for Traith Harris's ascension into the ranks of the wardens of Kusseth, but by the time he was in his early twenties, he was a fully fledged warden.

During his early career, Traith Harris had a knack for biting off far more than any young warden had a right to attempt chewing, but he survived, often by the skin of his teeth. Case and point, he halted a terrorist action by The Fallen Empire of Man in its tracks, though he was wounded and brought near to death during that case. He exhibited an unusual tolerance for other races, but was typically brutal in his dealings with Fell Humans, or those of Fell Human descent. He was known to have little tolerance for bards, but understood their place in Kussethian society and how that limited the actions wardens could take against them.

After a long career of being known for his marksmanship and his ability to bust heads and kick in doors with great efficiency, Traith eventually attained the rank of Senior Warden, though he was not given his own wardens to oversee and remained the warden of the 37th district of Kusseth. Ostensibly, his career was halted due to health concerns. Traith was plagued by health problems as a lasting weakness from his altercation with agents of the Fallen Empire of Man. This condition, though its details are unknown to anyone but Traith, was carefully managed by a Greyskin Abraxen ally that the warden had made early in his career.

Traith Harris remained on active duty until his early seventies, and aside from his medical condition, he remained almost as healthy as he was in the prime of his life. One day, in the spring of 10001 DK, Traith Harris disappeared. He did not check in with his superiors and not even his Greyskin Abraxen ally knew where he went.

Traith supposedly left the wardens when his grandmother went missing in Kusseth. This disappearance was one of many that occurred following Nakmander Zuber’konig’s terrorist attack on Kusseth. Traith could find no support among his fellow wardens to investigate the disappearance of an aging madam know to be a bard of some repute, so he took to the streets on his own. A string of rumors followed this investigation, mostly involving informants going missing or winding up in sick houses as a result of Traith’s investigations, and even a few wardens and brasscoats supposedly met the business end of Traith’s great brass revolver and wolf-iron fire axe.

Eventually, the rumors of Traith’s actions stopped circulation and Traith just disappeared with no word whatsoever. A small investigation was launched by the wardens of districts close to Traith’s 37th, and when it was decided that he did not appear to have been taken by force from his apartment or the cit, it was closed and determined that he had resigned from his post and left the city of his own volition.

Traith Harris                                         Level 20
Male Fell Soulless Gunslinger (Pistolero) 20
Init: +10; Senses: None; Perception +27
Languages: Citytongue, Guttertongue, 2
AC 28, touch 22, flat-footed 16; (+4 armor, +5 Dex, +2 natural, +6 dodge)
CMD 39
HP  164 (20 HD)
Fort +14, Ref +18, Will +10
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee +28/+23/+18/+13 (1d6+8/20x4)
Ranged +32/+28/+23/+18 (1d10+11/19-20/x4)
Base Attack +20, CMB +23
Abilities Str 16, Dex 22, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 10
SQ Boiler Belly (Fire Resistance 5), Metal Bones (DR 1/-), Leather Lungs (immune to inhaled poisons, suffocation, don’t need to breathe), Light Fortification, Partly Metal, Nimble +5, Deeds, Gun Training 4 (Revolver, Shotgun, Holdout Pistol, Long Rifle), Grit 4, True Grit (Up Close And Deadly, Dead Shot)
Favored Class Gunslinger (+20 skill points)
Traits: Canter (Basic), Longevity (Racial), Everybody’s On The Take (Cultural)
Feats Additional Component (Metal Bones), Additional Component (Leather Lungs), Light Fortification, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload (Pistols), Clustered Shots, Hammer The Gap, Dodge, Mobility, Sidestep, Improved Sidestep, Improved Critical (Revolver), Weapon Focus (Revolver), Deadly Aim, Improved Initiative
Skills Acrobatics +19, Bluff +13, Craft (Gunsmithing) +25, Disable Device +16, Heal +15, Intimidate +18, Knowledge (Local) +20, Perception +27 Sense Motive +11, Sleight of Hand +19, Survival +22
Possessions Armored Duster (Custom Fit, Springsteel), Wolf-Iron Hand Axe (+5/+5, Hardened, Mercury Filled), Abraxen Eight Chamber Revolver (+5/+5, Sights), Hardened Wolf-Iron Bullets (ignore damage reduction)

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