Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is the flag of Steeltown. The grey field represents stone and the unyielding nature of the Rankethlek, their refusal to accept the subjugation of the Fallen. The oval in the center represent the faceless face of Kethranmeer, the father of the Rankethlek race, and also a shield. This design symbolizes the defensive nature of the race. They are not the aggressors in this rebellion, they have no desire to wage this war, only the desire to be free and be their own masters. They will not deliberately strike at the Fallen, but they will defend themselves and free those Soulless that seek freedom when they can. As Kethranmeer's face, the design symbolizes that Kethranmeer's ideals and presence and his story are part of every Rankethlek's being, they are all his sons and their path is a continuation of his own.  

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