Friday, July 22, 2011

Inquisitivity: Part 2

We gamed earlier this week. More information was found. Huzzah! The guys actually got lucky and drew a few memories from a series, so they kind of had a picture of what was going on at that point. It didn't illuminate much really, but they at least got a picture of the scene and know that at some point, they were in a cave with Nakmander's artifact. 

They pursued the Kalarel information that Krieg gave them, and found out about the Fell Human witch doctor Daun'mok and how he and Nakmander were attempting to create some form of Soulless. Xein discovered that Enchantment/Charm school spells can be used to manipulate the minds of people, which Pyrel could have told him, as Pyrel has the ability to ingest a creature's blood and gain a bonus on all Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Bluff checks against them as a supernatural Charm ability. 

A lot of information was found is what I am saying.

There weren't any real surprises during the scenario though, everything pretty much followed the path I had laid out, if a bit slower than I would have hoped. The final scene of the scenario was them contacting the bardic colleges and asking to do some violence related freelance work. Which means I have to work on a system for organization affiliations. I've seen them before, I just need to sketch them out for the bardic colleges. I've been meaning to do it for a while for organizations like the Organization, Steeltown, the Fremwightan, and so on, but I think their choice to contact the bardic colleges for freelance work, rather than information, is a good impetus to get cracking on that. I also need to come up with a series of Job of the Week type quests. I have some ideas, and these types of quests tend to come up with themselves fairly easy. 

However, the problem is that when the guys have a boss, they tend to just stop thinking. They go out and do what they're told, rather than thinking critically about that. For instance, Xein is a "good guy," or at least not a murderer, however he has agreed to begin doing freelance work for an organization built on assassination and espionage and violence in general. He wasn't tricked into it either by a sneaky bard, he sought the work contract out, along with the rest of the group. 

There were some problems during the scenario, for instance, Eric and Jeremy don't seem to understand that Fred is playing his character and not caving about it like he did last campaign when Derf suddenly began coming up with all the plans and leading the group. There were also some microphone/video issues, but Google+ seemed to remedy those quite well. 

Overall, I am pleased with how the scenario went. The guys got the information I wanted them to have, though they didn't really latch on to it the way I'd hoped. Eric believes even more fervently that they are clones, Jeremy even more fervently believes they are not. I am fascinated. 

On to the next one!

Edit After The Fact: I really like the way the Eastern Bardic College affiliation score/rewards worked out. Very pleased actually, it just needs a bit more tweaking and I'll show it to the guys. To be honest I am kind of irritated though. I spent a solid seven hours making a scenario Wednesday from start to finish, from scratch, and now Eric is kind of balking at working with the bards. If they decide not to, or continue to ignore the contract on our Facebook group, I will be a little irritated, as it will mean we probably won't be able to game in nine days like I'd planned. Oh well, shit happens I guess.

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